Brother PE800 vs PE770 – Is The Upgraded Better?

Brother PE800 vs PE770

Brother PE800 vs PE770 showdown: – Having narrowed down your search for the best embroidery machine to the most outstanding Brother PE800 and PE770 it is more than obvious that you are having a big challenge on which one to pick. Choosing between these two top-performing machines can be a daunting task because they share a wide range of similar features.

So which of the two machines is better? Actually, the Brother PE800 is an upgraded version of the PE770, so our Brother PE800 vs PE770 comparison guide will mostly focus on helping you figure out if it is worth the upgrade.

Brother PE800 is an embroidery frontline machine perfect for both hobbyists and professional embroiders. It is a feature-rich model that exceptionally allows you to create amazing embroidery designs. Brother PE800 is an easy to use embroidery machine that features a 5 by 7 inches embroidery field suitable for large embroidery projects. It allows you to comfortably choose from a total of 138 built-in embroidery designs consisting of 10 frame designs and 11 built-in fonts (3 Japanese, 7 English and1 Cyrillic). Part of these designs includes beautiful scrollwork, quilt patterns, floral, and additional 10 frames and 14 border styles.

This model has been ingeniously designed to allow rotation, mirroring, increase and decrease of your designs plus the ability to view your design over a wide color LCD touch display before you can start producing it. It will not be a stressing activity threading your needle as this machine comes with a time-saving automatic needle threader that is easy to use. 

Brother PE800 also comes with step by step tutorials that make the machine an easy to use type. These tutorials include the topics on threading procedures, attachment of embroidering arm, and many more. It is therefore considered as a perfect model for home embroidery especially when versatility and speed are the key requirements. A comprehensive user manual is included in two different languages. Noteworthy is a limited warranty running for 25 years. You get a free customer phone and you will be able to access online support throughout the life of your machine.

Brother PE800 Key Features

Large Embroidery Field and Hoop

This model allows you to handle even the largest embroidery designs with its adjustable wide field that measures 5 by 7 inches. Jackets, home decors, and others can be stitched on this filed without any possible challenge. This enables you to work on a wider range, from smaller to bigger projects with ease. Additionally, it has a 5 by 12 inches embroidery hoop that is specifically used for combining designs

Built-in Designs

Brother PE800

Choose from a total of 138 built-in design that allows you to create a wide range of dazzling beautiful designs within a short time. These are not the only designs you can use. The USB connectivity allows you to import more from the internet or download it from It gives you a greater ability to create more costumed designs that are unique in their way

LCD Screen

 You will need to make sure that your edited designs are amazing and meet your requirements. A wide LCD touch display gives you a clear view of your design. Selecting the designs is also made easy with this touch display as you will only need to choose by touching on the desired design. The display is backlit but with this model, the brightness can be easily adjusted unlike in other former Brother PE models.

Automatic Needle Threader

The Brother p800 is considered one of the easiest to use with its automatic needle threading system. You won’t need to manual threading the needle but instead, the machine itself does it for you. This saves you time and reduces the stress and eye strain associated with doing it manually.

USB Connectivity

Working with more design options helps you create a large number of unique and customized designs while adding a different feel and touch to your project. A USB port included allows you to import additional designs from or those downloaded from other websites.

Brother PE770 Overview

Brother Embroidery Machine, PE770

For anyone in a quest for the best embroidery machine, the Brother has been engineered to meet your needs. This is a feature-rich machine that takes your embroidery to the next level. Its expansive 5 by 7 embroidery field permits the flexibility for larger design stitches ideal for bags, jackets, and other home decors. The large space allows it to rotate and combine designs, frames, lettering, and borders.

This model has a USB port that helps in importing more embroidery designs for an increased range of custom design choices. Additionally, it has a built-in memory that allows you to save your designs for use later. This is important when embroidering many garments to look the same.

You will always benefit from the design selection pool. This machine comes with a total of 136 embroidery designs to choose from including elegant scrollwork, florals, and patterns for quilting.  Built into this model are 10 frame shapes and 12 border styles.

The features present in this machine makes it most appropriate for home decorations. It makes it an ideal business for those wishing to start a home-based embroidery.

Brother PE770 Key Features

Large Embroidery Field and Hoop

Brother PE770 comes with a sufficiently adequate embroidery area measuring 5 by 7 inches. This allows you to handle most projects from smaller to larger ones. The embroidery area allows you to rotate your creations to have a perfect view of every design as well for combining them. This area is ideal for embroidering jackets, bags, and other home decors. It is because of this feature that most embroiders preferred it over other models.

Built-in Designs

You find a large pool of design options helpful in creating your outstanding projects. It provides you with a total of 136 built-in stitches from which you can select. These are a lot of options enough to make an amazing beautiful garment, home decor, and more. The USB connectivity adds you the ability to import new designs either downloaded or from

LCD Screen

 While working on your project you will need to do a lot. These activities range from selecting through editing all the way to actual stitching. The LCD touch screen available in this model makes it easier for you to select the designs. You will have to view and make sure that your edited designs are as desired and meet your creation’s requirements. It’s very easy using the LCD screen since it has touch controls. Al you need is to follow the instructions carefully and with a single touch of a finger, you achieve your objective

Automatic Needle Threader

There is a lot of eye strain and related stress threading any other machine manually. However, with Brother p770 these setbacks are eliminated. You will just need to follow the threading instructions and let your machine thread through the needle’s eye automatically. Unlike others in other old models, these feature serves a great deal as a timesaver.

USB Connectivity

Creating several unique designs is made possible with Brother PE770. It has a port where you can connect a USB device to import new downloaded designs or to transfer them from your machine to the device for storage. This gives the machine wider design options for more elegant and beautiful creations.

Brother PE800 vs PE770 – Major Similarities and Differences

To further give you a comprehensive overview of the whole Brother PE800 vs PE770 comparison, we will go through the major similarities and differences in this section.

If you’ve used and loved Brother PE770, we don’t doubt that your PE800 will offer more of what PE770 had. Being a replacement, Brother PE800 is not far different from the discontinued PE770. They share a wide range of similar features. Both machines are only dedicated to embroidery purposes. The maximum embroidery area presented by the two models measures 5 by 7 inches perfect for larger embroidery designs. They both have a sewing start and stop button.

Another similarity is shown in their stitching speed. They both have a maximum stitch speed of 650 stitches per minute which is quite fast for instant design creations. An automatic needle threading system is also a shared feature that eliminates the stress and eye strain you have to undergo threading the machine needle. A considerable warranty period of 25 years is also applicable for both the machines.

The most notable difference between these machines is that PE800 has a larger display than the PE770. The display on the PE770 is monochromatic compared to the full-color display in the PE800. The built-in designs for Brother PE770 are 2 less than those found in the PE800. Brother PE800 has 138 built-in designs and 11 lettering fonts while PE770 has 136 built-in designs and 6 lettering fonts.

Although the two models have a 5 by 7 inches embroidery field enough for large embroidery designs, the Brother PE800 has an extra hoop measuring 5 by 12 inches. This is a dedicated purposely for combining designs to reduce re-hooping. It’s a score for PE800 since its rival doesn’t have this additional field.

The LCD screen with a backlit allows you to view your edited designs. The screen in the PE800 is however wider than that in PE770 which is a better and a worth going for that feature. The brightness too can be adjusted for the PE800 while that is not the case with PE770.

Brother PE800 vs PE770 – Final Verdict

From the word go we have seen and understood why these machines are both high-performance models. The Brother PE770 might seem slightly ahead but that doesn’t imply that it is an inferior model. It is still one of the tops and best entry-level embroidery tools.

The Brother PE800 is loved by most people because of its versatility, quality, and ease of customization. The wider full-color LCD screen with adjustable backlit brightness is one of the reasons for backing this choice. You will also be able to create more designs as it comes with more built-in designs and lettering fonts. This option, however, comes with an additional cost since PE800 is more expensive than PE770.

If your budget cannot allow you to go for PE800, the remaining and only option is still amazing. Lacking color LCD screen does not affect the results achieved by this machine. It always remains one of the best embroidery machines.

Preparing this in-depth Brother PE800 vs PE770 comparison for you has been our great pleasure. we believe that you’ve benefited from it and can now make that informed decision.