If you are looking for a clear-cut Brother SE1900 review, then this comprehensive guide is all you need. It details all you need to learn about the machine and whether you should be going for it.

The sewing machine has been evolving from year to year. As time goes by, we can see the upgrades of some sewing machines. One of the biggest trends is the benefits offered by computerized sewing machines that allow you to do some embroidery tasks as well.

The good news is that such a versatile sewing machine is pretty much affordable now.

And if you have been searching for the best computerized sewing and embroidery machine for your home business or personal use, you can save your time by checking out our full Brother SE1900 review here.

Overview of the Brother Brand

Brother SE1900 Review – Summary Table

Here is table that reviews the Brother SE1900 sewing machine to help you quickly understand the features and capabilities it offers.


The “Brother” brand has been around in the market for many years to date.  It has come out with the best series of sewing machines that are almost always topped in many marketplaces. It is also one of the pioneers in the advanced version of sewing machines which comes with versatility and perfect warranties.

Brother also marked their achievements through their award-winning sewing machines such as PE800, PE770, CS600i, and XR9550PRW.

As for the computerized sewing machine, it is hard to deny that Brother SE1900 is amongst the best machines ever produced by the Brother brand.

Brother SE1900 Overview

It is one of the most popular models on the market. People have been raving about the versatility and reliability of the sewing machine. From the beginner to the expert artistic folks, this machine is the real buddy for passionate people.

It comes with abundant features, over 200 stitches, easy touchscreen LCD for easier operations, automatic needle threader, free-motion sewing, and more extras to amp your sewing experience.

The Brother SE1900 slates the market with its powerful functions for high-end embroidery. This buddy is perfect for everything from sewing the clothing products to producing blankets, towels, pillows covers, and many more.

Unlike the traditional machine which needs complex settings, you can do all of the adjustments through the helpful touchscreen LCD. With some tap of fingers, you are ready to turn your working table into a creative opportunity.

Brother SE1900 Key Features

To further help to break down the Brother SE1900 review, below are the features that one should expect in the machine.

Touchscreen Display

With the large-sized screen display in this model, you can say goodbye to the guesswork. Gone are the days when the artists needed to memorize the design numbers. You don’t even need to flip through manuals to pinpoint the right design again.

The LCD Display will keep guiding you with the embroidery design on the screen.

You can also change the thread colors for personalizations. Every time you sew, you can also preview the designs to make sure that you are on the right track.

Using the LCD touchscreen to embroider is as easy as tapping the fingers. Through this touchscreen feature, you can choose or edit a pattern to match your project.

The pattern section offers you the flexibility in selecting a built-in pattern, character pattern, or frame pattern. The built-in pattern collection itself is plenty enough to experiment with your ideas. But even though it is not enough for you, you can add more patterns by importing it, or saving patterns in the machine’s memory.

The good thing here is that you don’t need to transfer the file to another device to edit the pattern designs.

Editing the designs can be done right through the LCD touchscreen. The interface is also easy for newbies. You can just use the drag-and-drop editing internal software to make your own designs by combining the letters, patterns, as well as frames.

Before proceeding with the embroidery process, you can edit everything from adjusting the design size, rotating the pattern, choosing the colors, and many more.

You just need to preview before putting everything together. Check the position and the design sizes. If you are okay, you just need to proceed.

If the preview does not give you a satisfactory result, you could edit it again and get rid of the errors. The designs can be changed as you go. And if you are done with the designs and want to use them again in the future, you just need to save it to the internal memory for the future use.

Large Embroidery Area

If you are planning to work on a large project, this buddy will accompany you from the start to finish. This model comes with a big size 5 x 7 embroidery area that offers you ample space for larger projects at home. With this wide area, you can work on lettering and larger patterns. That’s why making a blanket with such beautiful ornaments can be much easier with the help of this fantastic buddy.

Planning to work on more than one pattern? No problem! You could set it up through the LCD display. Combine the numerous designs and preview them before proceeding with your process. You will know clearly how the combined patterns will work to avoid the pitfalls.

Abundance of Embroidery Designs And Fonts

The Brother SE1900 comes with around 138 embroidery designs and seven fonts. Well, compared to the traditional sewing machine, this number is more. These features will set you on the right track to start a successful embroidery project by yourself.

With such versatility, you can get very creative and actualize your wild ideas on the available mediums. There are a dozen frame shapes that stitch patterns that you can use to try some creative ideas with the mediums. You can adjust the size of the designs, mirror them, as well as rotate them. Imagine how many things you can do with such versatility.

Importing designs from Official Brother Site

If you think that this machine only provides you with a few designs, you are wrong.

There are a lot of designs you can download from the official site of the brand. All you need is a USB drive to import all of the designs to the machine. Get them all from the manufacturer’s website. There are over 1,000 free designs that you can get from it. Or, you could also import the designs from other sites. You can use the designs collection from Brother brand for free.

Ample Amount of Stitch Options

There are around 240 sewing stitches in this product. Well, it is indeed such a huge value offered by the Brother SE1900 price tag. With these stitch collections, you will have a green light for every creative sewing project. While it might not be possible to use them all in your entire career, you will have peace of mind since there are unlimited options that you can choose to get creative.

Free-motion Sewing

You can be an idealist with the help of this machine, thanks to its free-motion sewing feature. Brother brand allows you to free motion sew and create the designs from your own ideas.

Limitless Creativity

If you have a huge amount of workload, you shouldn’t worry since automatic needle threading can help you to save a lot of time and energy. You can say goodbye to the excruciating threading sessions at your workspace.

Sewing feet are also included. You can use different methods with the sewing feet including zipper foot, overcasting, buttonhole, blind stitch, and so on. With such a wide array of feet at your side, you will have peace of mind since your computerized sewing machine is ready for any project.

Automatic Functions

The automatic functions in the Brother SE1900 are all this sewing machine about. The easy settings, straightforward operations, and incredible results of sewing will wow your minds.

The advanced needle threader, for instance, successfully eliminates the hardships of threading the needle using your hand.  The embroidery threaders are much better than the other models in the same level as this.

Then there are reverse stitches or in some scenarios we can call it reinforcement automation. You can set it up to the automatic reverse so that you will have such an easy procedure in reverse sewing. Once you press the reverse button, the machine will do all the magic for you at the end of the stitching.

Next up, we have the automatic thread trimming in this machine. You can also set it up at the end of your project. The Brother SE1900 will also adjust the tension for you automatically. So when you choose a particular stitch, the machine will proceed with the specific tension value based on the stitch you’ve chosen.

But you might still need to adjust it manually because there’s a chance that you are using different kinds of fabric.

7 Sewing Feet Features

Brother se1900 Sewing Feet Features

There are 7 sewing features coming with the beloved Brother SE1900. And to store all of these compartments, the manufacturer also includes a tray inside the body. You won’t need to spend another dozen bucks for storing these accessories. And here are the 7 sewing feet features to check.

1.      Spring-action Zigzag Foot

This foot sewing foot is a standard one that you can also find in the traditional sewing machine. It is a great option to support your daily sewing foot activities.

2.      Overcasting Foot

It is an important part to finish every outcome of the sewing. It overcasts stitches to end the edges. The overcasting foot is also pivotal to create the seam.

3.      Buttonhole Foot

As the name suggests, the foot can help you to sew on the buttonhole. Adjust the size of the buttonhole for the best result.

4.      Button fitting Foot

This foot is needed for sewing on a button accurately.

5.      Blind stitch foot

Use this foot to create the blind hem on clothes, blankets, or other products.

6.      Zipper foot

The zipper is useful for adding a zipper in any of your products such as pillow cover, jacket, pants, hoodies, and so on.

7.      Embroidery foot

This foot comes handy when applying the embroidery designs to your garment with this high-quality foot.

Playing With the Designs

You could create the designs by yourself by using the built-in USB port on the machine’s body side. Plug in your flash disk, and choose the designs in pes format. The designs will be shown clearly on the LCD screen.

You could also import the design you can find online.

But the Brother SE1900 does not come with the built-in software for editing. To create the designs, you will need to do it with standalone editing software.

Subscribing to Adobe Photoshop might be a bit expensive for you if you are not an avid graphic designer.

While software might not be the best option, you could get some ready designs from Etsy, Canva, Fotor, or other websites. Brother’s official online store also offers a wide array of options in the designs. You could just hover your mouse to embroidery and import the designs you want.

You can also find free designs through the internet. All you need to do is to type the right keywords and download from those particular websites.

For most beginners, you can be satisfied with the built-in designs and the fonts provided by the manufacturers in the Brother SE1900 model. But as you have improved your game, you will realize that these pre-built designs are not going to cut for it.

If you want more advanced designs and fonts, you might need to make it by software or get the ready-to-use pieces online.

Who is Brother SE1900 meant for?

Brother SE1900 machine

Before finishing the Brother SE1900 review, here is our recommendation on whoever the machine befits most. Brother SE1900 has advanced features which might be a little strange for beginners. However, the learning curve is not too hard to complete. In fact, it is one of the most straightforward machines to learn and get creative with sewing and embroidery. It requires some time to get used to the complexities of the machine. But it is worth your time if you are serious in embroidery.


* The LCD touchscreen display can help you amp your game up

* Large embroidery area for more dynamic projects

* Importing designs for creativity and idealism

* Various feet sewing methods

* 25-years warranty


* The needle threader is prone – though you could have it repaired with a 25-year warranty

Brother SE1900 Review – Final Verdict

So, should I buy Brother SE1900? The answer can be YES and NO. NO, you shouldn’t buy it if you have found another alternative that offers you better solutions at the same price. YES, you must get this buddy if you need a sophisticated computerized sewing machine that is ready for professional tasks, both light and heavy.

Whether it is for your personal rodeo or home-based business, you cannot go wrong with this. Hopefully our Brother SE1900 review has been of help.

Brother SE1900 Manual (pdf)