The road noises, loud music from neighbor’s house, angry Karen in the morning, and all of these noises can be reduced by the sound barrier trees that you can grow in your backyard.

Trees are not only beautiful. If you have cared for them just like your family members, they will do more than what you can expect. One of the fantastic benefits of having a series of trees surrounding your property is to provide natural barriers which can significantly reduce the noises by many decibels. Trees will also provide you a good shade, reduce traffic pollution, and eventually increase your property value.

But you might want to have them faster. So, there’s no reason to grow trees that take decades in order to make them natural sound barriers. Here are the fast-growing sound barrier trees that you can have on your property.

Best Fast Growing Sound Barrier Trees

Chinese Juniper

Chinese Juniper fast growing tree

The Chinese Juniper can be one of the best choices for natural sound barriers in your property due to its wider spread which can be around 15 feet wide with good care. The height can be up to 30 feet or more as well. With such widespread and tall characteristics, planting the series of Juniper trees surrounding your property can be a great idea to curb the annoying noises from the road and other sources.

The good thing about Chinese juniper is that it is a safe sanctuary for some bird species. With your winged feathered companions, you can also have a bonus of the beautiful song because of the tree.

White Pine

fast growing white pine

White Pine is one of the most popular trees in the world. It is one of the best sound-blocking types of the tree thanks to its natural appearance.

Its characteristics are perfect for blocking the noises from the traffic. It has a thick and straight trunk with a large cone. The height can easily exceed 100 feet if treated well. White Pine is the survival in many climates and terrains. No matter where you are, you will have a great chance to plan this tree at your home. It is ready for taking the challenges in the rocky, humid areas, cool areas, and even the highlands.

However, white pine won’t work if you plant it in a single row. To effectively block the noise, you can plant multi-rows of white pine trees. The thick row of tall trees combined with some shrubs and plants in your landscape can effectively prevent the noise from entering your property. If grown taller, the white pine will give you a bonus of noise reduction by 1-2 decibels every 3 feet off the height.

The taller the pine trees, the more quality of sound blocking you will attain from them.


magnolia  Fast Growing Sound Barrier Trees

Magnolia trees are beautiful because they are often added with beautiful flowers. If you can manage it well, you will get the bonus of beauty from the blooming flowers. The unique tree from the south is a great noise killer. It has a wide array of variants that you can choose but most of the common types are great for soundproofing your property.

In great condition, most types of Magnolias can reach up to 50 feet tall and 30 feet wide. The width size is amazing so that it can effectively reduce the noise. I’d suggest you check out Bracken’s Brown magnolias or Teddy Bear Magnolias because they are known for their broad leaves. Big trees are often planted in some gaps. To fill in them, you could choose Little Gem Magnolias to serve the purpose. Folks who have a smaller size of yard can also consider adding the Little Gem magnolias to their wishlist. It can help you to fill in the gap and cover the corners and difficult parts in your property area.

Leyland Cypress

Leyland Cypress

It is one of the best kinds which grow across the country. Leyland Cypress is often chosen as the privacy trees in many properties because of its fast-growing rate. When it manages to grow well, it will thicken and effectively block the noise in around 3 to 5 decibels, depending on the thickness of the sound barriers.

This tree can grow at least 3 feet per year. With proper care and maintenance, it can effectively grow 4 feet per year. Its mature height can whop around 30 feet to 80 feet and it will stay healthy all year round, making it one of the most striving trees in the world. The broad spreading is the main feature of this tree since its natural endeavor is a perfect noise absorbent.

Arborvitae  Fast Growing Sound Barrier Trees

Arborvitae is not only enticing for nature lovers. It is also a fast-growing tree that can block noises effectively. It only grows around 12 to 14 feet tall with at max. 4 feet spread. Yes, indeed, it looks slimmer. However, it will be a great sound blocker if you plant one Arborvitae tree to another at a closer distance.

There’s a good reason why we list it here. It is strong, durable, and reliable in various weathers. It can withstand the cold effectively. Folks in the northern sides can take tons of benefits of the tree.


Bamboo as sound barrier

Bamboo trees are one of the top choices for the natural privacy hedge and sound barrier. In some countries, the living bamboo is also used for fencing the property area and has proven to be one of the best fast growing sound barrier trees.

The plant comes into our list because of good reasons. First things first, it has a good noise-absorbing characteristic. It can diffuse the sound better because of its soft texture.

The bamboo can also hold its foliage all the time. It provides a well sound reduction quality surrounding your house. Adding the bamboo trees in multiple rows will effectively prevent the annoying noises from the street.

The third reason, it grows with a good density. Not only to provide a good sound barrier, it also offers a responsible fencing system with a privacy screen.

When you choose bamboo for this purpose, make sure to choose the plants which are labeled as “clumping” bamboos. Clumping bamboo can work well to serve as a noise buffer as well as a privacy screen. Make sure to avoid planting “running” bamboo since it tends to be invasive in your environment.