Are you in search for the best sewing machine for your sewing projects or home use and are trying to compare Singer 44s VS 4411? Well, we will start by assuring you that choosing the Singer brand is the first best decision. The Singer is a household name for heavy-duty and high-quality sewing machines. It has been there since 1851. That is the reason why most of its sewing machines come with a lot of features best for sewing experts and beginners as well.

There is a lot to know about these two sewing machines that will form the basis for your final pick. Of course it wouldn’t be clever to get to the nearest shop and purchase the first one you see. Being well-informed will help you pick the best sewing machine based on your sewing needs, and you will not live to regret your choices. Most of the Singer sewing machines share a wide range of similarities, making them quite hard to choose from a large pool. Singer 44s and 4411 are the two sewing machines that are very close, and we will review them in this comparison guide. Our in-depth Singer 44s VS 4411 will help you make a concrete decision. Let’s proceed to understand which one is worth your money.

Singer 44s VS 4411 Comparison Table


Singer 44s Overview

Singer 44s is a heavy-duty sewing machine and one of the most loved sewing machines from Singer. It does not come with the most advanced feature but avails the essential ones for your day-to-day consumption. It offers more than others in its price range. Made of heavy-duty metal, Singer 44s is highly durable and can tolerate heavy workload, thanks to its sturdy motor. You can get more than 1,000 quality stitches within one minute (To be precise, it clocks 1,100 stitches per minute).

The Singer 44s comes with 23 easy to select and use stitches plus a one-step buttonhole. The stitches might seem not enough for professionals but can tackle most basic sewing needs. With the stitch length and width adjustment, you can increase the versatility of these stitches to give you highly professional results. Other highlighting features that come with this sewing machine include the free arm and the drop-feed.

Singer as a brand has maintained its reputation and built high confidence in its products. It offers a 25-year limited warranty for Singer 44s. So, you don’t have to worry about anything. It is also packed with several accessories and presser feet to increase its flexibility. There are other incredible features. Let’s have a look at them.

Singer 44s Key Features

Heavy-duty design – the Singer 44s is made of sturdy heavy-duty metal and fitted with a powerful motor. For this reason, it can handle a wide range of heavy-duty projects while piercing through both thin and thick materials.

Automatic needle threader – Singer 44s comes with an efficient automatic needle threader. This feature saves you from stress due to manual threading. It also allows you quickly get started with your sewing task.

Built-in stitches – it comes with 23 built-in stitches plus that consists of; basic and decorative stitches. It also has four-step buttonholes. These stitches are enough for your daily sewing needs, especially for home use.

Stainless steel bedplate –the bedplate is made of stainless steel. It allows your fabric to glide while stitching. This feature makes it easy to load any material without any challenge.e

Speed – Singer 44s can create a maximum of 1,100 stitches per minute. This speed is enough to get your work done within schedules.

Adjustable stitch length and width – you can easily adjust the stitch width and stitch length to create beautiful patterns. It increases the functionalities of the machine’s 23 built-in stitches.

Free arm – the Singer 44s offers free arm capabilities. It is a feature that comes in handy when sewing tube-shaped pieces. Working on sleeves, cuffs, pant hems, and other parts of your crafts are made easy.

Singer 44s Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use – most of its features are easy to use. Beginners find it easy to learn and use. The automatic needle threader and the one-step buttonhole, leave alone the measurement markings.
  • One-step buttonhole – it enables you to create impressive uniform-sized buttonholes within a short time. For beginners, this is one of the celebrated features.
  • High speed – the machine’s 1000 stitches per minute is enough to get your work done within a short time.
  • Tough and durable – the metal frame allows it to withstand heavyweight projects and extreme workload.


  • Presser feet attachment – the screwdrivers used to attach the feet are hard to use, therefore, making the whole process cumbersome.
  • Speed errors – when operated at its highest speed, the quality of the stitch quality is compromised.

Singer 4411 Overview

The Singer 4411 is one of the top-selling and budget heavy-duty sewing machines. It is designed with a wide range of sewing projects in mind. The machine is built of a heavy-duty metal that makes it steady. It can handle a wide range of fabrics too. You can stitch heavy materials such as denim with ultimate ease, thanks to its motor and the sewing machine’s speed. Considering the make, motor strength that is 60% stronger than those of other mechanical sewing machines, and the speed of 1,100 stitches per minute, it is justified to say that Singer 4411 is a true workhorse.

It comes with 11 built-in stitches comprising of basic and decorative stitches plus one four-step buttonhole. The adjustable stitch width and length make this machine highly resourceful as you can sew various patterns and techniques.

If you are looking for a reliable long-term investment that requires minimal maintenance, the Singer 4411 is your best pick. You will never get disappointed. Many sewers have resorted to choosing this sewing machine in the process of replacing non-sturdy models. Let us have a look at its features in detail.

Singer 4411 Key Features

Heavy-duty metal frame – Singer 4411 has been designed with a highly durable metal frame. The frame holds the components into perfect alignment making the machine steady enough to tolerate extreme workloads and at its maximum speed. You can also do skip-free sewing with

Stainless steel bedplate – Singer 4411 comes with a metallic bedplate made of stainless steel. It helps you feed the fabric smoothly while sewing at its top speed.

Top drop-in bobbin – loading the bobbin for this machine is made easy. It is loaded from the top. Unlike side loading, this approach is way too easy and convenient. It has a transparent cover that allows you to monitor the thread usage. You will not experience frustration due to thread shortage in the middle of your projects.

Reverse stitch – when handling heavyweight materials you need to reinforce stitches to ensure that threads do not disentangle. A reverse lever allows you to sew in reverse to fasten the stitches for quality seams.

LED Lighting – Singer 4411 comes with LED light to enable you to sew even dark fabrics with ease. You won’t need to get an extra source of light if working in a dark-lit room.

Adjustable stitch length and width – this feature allows you to vary the length and width of your stitches to create personalized designs and patterns. This way, you can create anything that impresses you or your customers.

Thread cutter – the thread cutter is convenient. It will cut your thread at the end of every stitch without you necessarily looking for a pair of scissors.

Singer 4411 Pros and Cons


  • Heavy-duty design – can handle a wide range of fabrics from denim to canvas due to its motor strength and super-high stitch speed.
  • Price – looking at the machine’s incredible features and functionalities it has to offer, you cannot disagree with the fact that you are getting a powerful sewing machine at an affordable price.
  • Speed –its high speed allows you to complete your sewing projects on time.
  • Reliable sewing quality – with this sewing machine, you can get your work done in a more fashioned way. No skipping, no loose stitch tensions.
  • Less noisy – while operating at the top speed, this sewing machine does not produce a lot of noise enough to cause discomfort.
  • Lightweight – it does not weigh too much and thus can be carried from one point to another without a problem.
  • Maintenance – it does not require costly maintenance. Once it is up and running, you will hardly need to maintain it.


  • No automatic needle threader – the manual way of threading the needle is cumbersome and strenuous as it does not come with an automatic needle threader.
  • Not advanced – Singer 4411 is one of the basic machines without bells and whistles to reach the level of an advanced sewing machine with great inspiration.
  • Four-step buttonholes – this is not as convenient and easy as a one-step buttonhole.
  • Getting used to speed – it takes long before one can get used to the machine’s high speed.

Singer 44s VS 4411 – Similarities and Differences

As we had mentioned earlier, most Singer sewing machines share several similar features that make them look like twin machines. The same case applies to Singer 44s and 4411. Both sewing machines are mechanical heavy-duty types. They come with a convenient top drop-in bobbin system with a clear cover. Therefore, monitoring the thread usage over the transparent cover and loading the bobbin from the top is a task made easy. Stitch selection is also done by use of a simple dial.

Using either of the two, you can sew a variety of techniques and create amazing patterns, thanks to the adjustable stitch length and width. The stitch width can be adjusted to a maximum of 6mm in each sewing machine. Also, common in the two sewing machines is the drop feed. You can sew in a free-motion style. Again, for both Singer 44s and 4411, there is onboard storage and a removable compartment that allows you to access the free arm. For this reason, you can handle hard-to-reach parts a lot easier.

Another most significant similarity is in their maximum operating speed. The two workhorses can create elegant 1,100 stitches per minute. The reason behind this whooping speed is the strength of their motors. Most of the Singer sewing machines are fitted with a resilient motor that is believed to be 60% stronger than those found in other mechanical sewing machines.

On the other hand, there are some differences separating the two machines. They are never 100% the same. First being the color, Singer 44s comes in white while 4411 comes in grey. The difference in color does not bring a significant ground basis for your final choice. It will just narrow down to preference.

Another notable difference is the measurement markings. Singer 44s makes it easy for you to measure your materials with the measurement markings on them. The Singer 4411 lack this. Using 44s means that you will not require an extra measuring tape and thus the best choice for beginners or experts who need a clear work area.

Looking at the built-in stitches, you will realize that Singer 44s is a winner with highly versatile 23 built-in stitches plus a one-step buttonhole. Singer 4411 has 11 built-in stitches and a four-step buttonhole. The difference in stitches will only be seen in the number of decorative stitches. Singer 44s has more decorative stitches, but the two have got the same number of basic stitches. The one-buttonhole is excellent for beginners as compared to the four-step type.

Additionally, the Singer 44s comes with an automatic needle threader, unlike the Singer 4411 does not. Using 44s, you will, therefore, be safe from the strenuous process of manually threading the needle, unlike 4411 that requires you to thread the needle manually. From this angle, beginners, as well as an expert, would confirm how convenient this feature is especially when working on projects that need to be completed within a short time. An automatic needle threader saves you a lot of time.

Their incredible performance and heavy-duty design are the driving force behind the success of the two sewing machines. So picking either of the two will not disappoint you.

Singer 44s VS 4411FAQs

  • Which one between Singer 44s and 4411 is faster?

Singer 4411 is faster. It can create up to 1,100 stitches per minute, while 44s creates up to 1,000 stitches per minute only.

  • Which one between Singer 44s and 4411 is easier to use?

Singer 44s, when compared with 4411, is found to be slightly easier to use. It comes with an automatic needle threader and measurement markings which cannot be found in Singer 4411.

  • Which one between these two is quieter?

Even though they are heavy-duty mechanical sewing machine that takes a lot of work, they are both relatively quiet. They are not completely noiseless but are not as audible as other mechanical heavy-duty sewing machines.

  • Which one between Singer 44s and 4411 has more built-in stitches?

Singer 44s comes with 23 versatile built-in stitches, while 4411 has only 11 of them.

Singer 44s VS 4411Final Verdict

As we have seen, both sewing machines can handle almost any material thrown at them. They are highly flexible that they can handle a wide range of sewing projects from lightweight to heavyweight. To simplify this, the only significant differences between the two sewing machines are the automatic needle threader, built-in stitches, and the stitch speed. If you are comfortable doing the threading manually, it should not be an issue for you. The difference in built-in stitches again narrows down to the decorative ones. If you are not after decorative stitches, then the two machines are a match. For the speed, you will realize that operating at the maximum speed is a rare thing. So, 1000 stitches per minute still hold.

In the end, you will need to pick one. If you are looking for a user-friendly sewing machine, we would advise you to go for Singer 44s. This option offers you an automatic needle threader, measurement markings, and more decorative stitches.

It is now your time to decide. We hopefully believe that whatever our honest and detailed Singer 44s VS 4411 comparison guide has offered, will be of great value in guiding you to make your final pick.