This is a comprehensive guide that features the similarities and differences between Singer 44s VS 4452. By the end of this guide, you can easily make an informed decision on which one you should buy for your next sewing project.

If you are here looking for an excellent sewing machine to accomplish your sewing projects, then you are lucky to have chosen the Singer brand. First, there are a few things you need to know. The singer is a well-known manufacturer of heavy-duty sewing machines that comes with high-quality performance and stitch quality. It has several great models in the ’44’ series that offer excellent sewing services. Most of these sewing machines share several similarities and are equipped with attractive features for your daily sewing needs. This guide features the Singer 44s VS 4452 sewing machines which are among the best one can find.

These two sewing machines share a ton of similarities and can therefore become hard deciding which one to go with. In this guide, you will go through a deep overview of the similarities and differences between them. But first, we will give you a detailed description of the two sewing machines in terms of features and their perks.

Singer 44s VS 4452 Comparison Table


Singer 44s Overview

The Singer 44s is a heavy-duty sewing machine classified under budget sewing machines. It is a highly versatile sewing machine designed with most sewing needs in mind. It boasts of several easy-to-use features that make it an excellent choice for both experts and beginners. It measures 13.2 by 7.5 by 16.5 inches and weighs 7 pounds and comes in white color.

Singer sewing machines are known to have a super-powerful motor that is reportedly 60% stronger than others. Singer 44s is not an exception. With its powerful motor, this workhorse can create up to 1,000 beautiful stitches per minute. The machine’s speed, coupled with the motor power gives it the ability to sew through almost any kind of fabric, from canvas to denim. The stainless steel bedplate coupled with the adjustable presser foot pressure enables you to feed the fabric for seamless sewing. Additionally, Singer 44s comes with a package of accessories that include light for better viewing of the work area.

Singer 44s Key Features

Automatic needle threader – Singer 44s has an automatic and easy-to-use needle threader. It does away with the strenuous process of manually threading the needle. This feature is convenient for beginners, sewing hobbyists, and experts.

Speed – the Singer 44s can create up to 1000 stitches per minute. It is, therefore, suitable for handling projects with fixed timelines. Unlike other sewing machines, it maintains high stitch quality even when operated at high speed.

Built-in stitches – this sewing machine comes with a total of 23 highly versatile and easy to select built-in stitches. The stitch and length can be varied to create various pieces. The decorative stitches it avails are enough to add a personal touch to any of your artwork.

Heavy-duty design – just like any other Singer model, this sewing machine has been designed to include a metal frame that gives it a sturdy support. It can, therefore, handle heavy-duty sewing without any challenge. The design makes this sewing machine highly durable.

One-step buttonhole – creating quality uniform-sized buttonhole is made easy with the availability of the easy-to-use one-step buttonhole. These features will allow you to create three buttonholes in just one step.

Adjustable stitch length and width – the stitch length and width can be adjusted to enable you to achieve customer desired patterns and techniques. You can do topstitching, edge stitching, and easily add zippers to your crafts.

Reverse stitching – you can sew in reverse to enable you to fasten the stitches for high-quality seams.  You only need to activate the feature using a reverse lever dial.

Top drop-in bobbin with transparent cover – it is easy when you add your bobbin from the top, unlike from the sides. Additionally, you can monitor the thread usage through the transparent cover to avoid the frustration that comes with running out of the thread in the middle of your project.

Free arm – the free arm will allow you to sew most hard-to-reach parts a lot easier. These parts may include sleeves, cuffs, pant hems, among others.

Singer 44s Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use – it has user-friendly features making it easy to be used by beginners as well as experts. The machine has easy-to-use features making it suitable for beginners and experts as well.
  • One-step buttonhole – it enables you to create impressive uniform-sized buttonholes within a short time. It is ideal for beginners.
  • Types of fabrics it handles – this sewing machine can handle almost any type of fabric thrown at it, from canvas to denim materials.
  • Factory settings – its factory settings are accurate and persistent.
  • High speed – the machine can create 1000 stitches per minute. This means you can get your work done within a short time.
  • Tough and durable – it is built of heavy-duty metal to provide sturdy support and give the sewing machine a longer life.


  • Needle adjustment – the machine has limited needle adjustment
  •  Presser foot attachment – for first-time sewists, it can be hard to attach the presser foot. The screws used are a bit tricky to use.
  • Speed errors – when working at its maximum speed, it does not give quality stitches.

Singer 4452 Overview

The Singer 4452 is another heavy-duty sewing machine popular in the market for its relentless performance and stitch quality. It has been designed with features that make it excellent for first-time sewists. For those looking to enhance their sewing experience in the industry, this is the perfect machine. With a mid-range price, you can acquire this machine and enjoy several features that come with it. Singer 4452 can handle almost any project thrown at it while tolerating an extremely heavy-duty workload.

This machine comes with a stainless steel bedplate that allows fabrics to glide smoothly over the feed to give professional and consistent stitches. It comes with 32 versatile stitches, a four-step buttonhole, and an automatic needle threader. Additionally, it offers free arm and reverse stitch functionalities. The top drop-in bobbin system is another feature to die for. With its strong motor and the general heavy-duty design, this machine can handle almost any fabric creating high-quality 1,100 stitches per minute.

Now that you have gotten a overview about the Singer 4452, let’s proceed to look at its major features in detail.

Singer 4452 Key Features

Speed – its strong motor gives the machine the ability to create up to 1,100 stitches per minute. If you are working on an extensive workload for a large project, this workhorse is perfect if you want to meet deadlines.

Built-in stitches – Singer 4452 presents 32 easy-to-select and use stitches. Among these, there are six decorative stitches for adding a personal touch of quality to your creation. The stitch length and width can be adjusted for high versatility.

Automatic needle threader – traditionally, and in most mechanical sewing machines, threading the needle is done manually. This is tiresome and time-consuming. However, with this sewing machine, you will get your needle threaded within a short time by the amazing automatic needle threader.

Top drop-in bobbin system – with Singer 4452, loading the bobbin is made easy as one just drops it from the top. Unlike other sewing machines that offer you a side-loading system, this one is easy and user-friendly. That being said, the machine has a transparent cover to allow you to monitor thread usage. You cannot, therefore, experience the frustration related to the thread running out in the middle of your sewing.

Reverse stitching – the reverse lever allows you to fasten your stitches through backstitching. It ensures that you secure your stitches at the start and the end for high-quality seams.

One-step buttonhole – it is super easy creating quality buttonholes for your craft using the one-step buttonhole stitch. It is one of the features that keeps beginners going.

Free arm – the free arm allows you to stitch the hard-to-reach parts of your project pieces. With this feature, it is possible to stitch pant hems, sleeves, collars, and other similar pieces.

Adjustable stitch width and length – this sewing machine allows you to vary the length and width of your stitches by simply using the stitch adjustment dials. This makes the available 32 built-in stitches look like they are more. This feature allows you to sew various techniques, including topstitching, edge stitching, and adding zippers.

Singer 4452 Pros and Cons


  • Easy to set up and use – it has features that are easy to set up. This means they are easy to use too.
  • Versatile – this machine can do a variety of sewing tasks. With adjustable presser foot pressure, it can handle a wide range of fabrics to create anything you need.
  • Fabric types – with a strong motor and body in general, this sewing machine can pierce through almost any fabric. It can sew through multi-layered fabrics with ease.
  • Automatic needle threader – manual threading is outdated. The automatic needle threader will allow you to start your project quicker by automatically threading the needle.
  • Stable – made of heavy-duty metal, this machine is more stable and can handle heavy tasks without a show of weakness.
  • Free-arm – you can sew any hard-to-reach part such as pant hems, sleeves, cuffs, and other tube-shaped pieces.


    • Needle breakage – needles tend to break when the machine is operated at its highest speed.
  • Thread Tension not adjustable – the thread can be too tight or too loose sometimes as it cannot be easily adjusted.
  • Skipping for thick fabrics – this machine sometimes can skip some stitches for thick fabrics when going at its top speed. It is also reported that there is a problem of thread eating during backstitching. 
  • Relatively Expensive –compared to what the machine offers, some users find it a little bit expensive.

Singer 44s VS 4452 Similarities and Differences

The Singer 44s and 4452, just like most Singer models, share several similarities. Their performance and high-quality stitches are the most obvious things knowing that both belong to one of the popular manufacturers. They both come with a sturdy build with a powerful motor that is believed to be 60% stronger than those of most mechanical sewing machines.

The two sewing machines are easy to use. With a top-drop in bobbin system, automatic needle threader, and one-step buttonhole, they make an excellent choice for beginners. Other similar features that make the two sewing workhorse unbelievable are the free arm, reverse stitch lever, adjustable stitch length and width, and the extra-high presser feet.

Moreover, they offer high versatility with adjustable features. The adjustable presser foot for the two machines allows you to work on nearly any fabric thrown your way.

Even though the two sewing machines might look like twins, some features differentiate them. While Singer 44s creates a total of 1000 sewing stitches per minute, its counterpart makes incredible 1,100 stitches per minute. This difference is unnoticeable since most users rarely operate at the maximum speed. The gap of 100 stitches per minute, therefore, should not be a big concern.

Another notable difference between them is the measurement markings on the machine. The Singer 44s comes with these markings, unlike 4452. The markings allow you to measure your fabrics without the need for extra measuring tape.

Singer 44s VS 4452 – FAQs

Q: Which between Singer 44s and 4452 has measurement markings? 

It is the Singer 44s that comes with easy-to-use markings. These markings mean that you will not need an extra measuring tape.

Which one between Singer 44s and 4452 is perfect for beginners?

Singer 44s and 4452 presents easy-to-use features that make both excellent choices for beginners. Singer 44s, however, might score slightly more than 4452 with the markings on it.

Which one between the two has easy to adjust presser foot pressure?

Both sewing machines have easy to adjust presser foot pressure. You don’t need any technical knowledge to operate it.

Singer 44s vs 4452 – Final Verdict 

It is now upon you to choose the best sewing machine. From the detailed comparison, you must have realized that the two sewing machines are incredible. Purchasing one will never cause you any disappointment.

If you are looking for a sewing machine with more decorative stitches, the Singer 4452 will avail more compared to the 44s. They have the same basic stitches and can accomplish similar tasks without a difference. On the other hand, if you are interested in the measurement marks on the 44s, you should be ready to forgo the 100 extra stitches per minute offered by the 4452.

We hopefully believe that up to this point, you must have established a reasonable basis for your choice. Each choice comes with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Happy Sewing!