Brother SE400 vs SE425 Comparison – Which Is Better?

Brother SE400 vs SE425

If you are here, then you are probably looking for the best sewing machine that will help you work on your next sewing project. If your search has finally led you to compare Brother SE400 vs Brother SE425, then this guide is for you. The two models are very much alike. Besides coming from the same brand, and one tends to be an upgrade of the other.

Choosing the best sewing machine is not an easy task if you have to compare two or more models from an extensive collection of options. You would agree with us that it is even harder when trying to pick one from the models that come from the same manufacturer. All you need is to have a knowledge about these machines. You should be able to identify their physical and functional differences by understanding their features.

These two sewing machine share a wide range of similar features that make them hard to even differentiate. That shouldn’t worry you too much. In the guide, we will delve deep into details and give an unbiased Brother se400 vs se425 comparison guide for you. We will provide a detailed comparison of their similarities and differences as far as features and functionalities are concerned. We believe that it will give you the necessary knowledge to make your reliable decision. Just look at the section below.

Brother SE400 Overview

Brother SE400

Brother SE400 is a 2-in-1 machine that can be used to handle both sewing and embroidery projects. It’s is one of the advanced models, computerized and fitted with sophisticated technology that makes it stand tall serving you to your optimum expectation. It is a lovely machine that is expert or beginner friendly. Its incorporated features are easy to operate. With just turn of a lever the machine is able to perform automatic needle threading. It has a thread cutter ensuring that the threading is terminated at the end of every complete stitch without requiring you to use a separate cutter.

This model comes with a total of 67 built-in stitches and 70 built-in embroidery designs. These allows you to produce beautiful creations real quick with varied selection of the two features. Selecting the designs and the stitches is made easy by a wide LCD touch screen. Through this careen you can select, edit and preview the final results before embarking on a serious sewing. This therefore reduces some avoidable errors in your project. Se400 has risen to one of the popular and bestselling model in the market today due to its incredible performance. Look at its major features and their importance below.

Brother SE400 Key Features

A 4” × 4” Work Area

Work on your projects, both small and large, with ultimate ease. Brother se400 provides you with an adequate and extra-wide embroidery and sewing field. It measures 4” × 4” inches.

Monochromatic LCD screen

While you might want to sew or embroider faster, you won’t need to make some small avoidable mistakes with your project. So, the machine provides you with a clear monochromatic LCD touch screen that will help you select, edit and view your selections to ensure they are correct before you can start stitching.

Top drop-in Bobbin

Convenience and ease of use is realised while loading the bobbin. It comes with a top drop-in bobbin system which is to die for as it reduces stress of loading the bobbin from any other part. You can easily replace the bobbin in the middle of your project to avoid getting stack in the middle due to the depletion of the thread.

LED Light

The work area for this model is brightly lit by LED fixed to offer lighting in the rooms were there’s insufficient light supply. It therefore ensures that you remain working on your project even when there is no other source of light.

Built-in Stitches

Brother se600 provides you with a good number of built-in stitches to choose from. It comes with a total of 103 easy to select stitches. A desired stitch are selected on an LCD screen with one finger touch. This enable you to easily sew according to your style requirements.

Embroidery designs

Apart from the built-in stitches it comes with 80 amazing built-in embroidery designs that allows you to choose from. The built-in designs allows you to produce beautiful creations within a reasonably short period.

Lettering fonts

Create amazing kids clothes, table clothes with the 5 exciting lettering fonts for the love of monogramming. With this feature you will be able to customize your creations to add a personal touch making them look amazing.

USB Connectivity

Brother se400 has an extra amazing feature that allows you to import more designs hence producing a larger number of unique. The USB connectivity port allows you to connect to a computer and can be used to store your custom designs for further use. Extra designs can be downloaded from or other related sites.

Automatic Needle threader

With just a turn of a lever you can thread your needle within seconds hence it is easy and quick to start stitching using your Brother se400. Automatic needle threader also saves you from stress and eye strain if you had to do it manually.

Free arm design

This model has a detachable top storage section that is removed to access the free arm. Therefore, sewing some hard-to reach parts like the pant hems, sleeves, collar and some tubular part is made easy. It makes your work much comfortable and you would love the experience doing it.

Brother SE425 Overview

Brother SE400

Brother SE425 is an advanced computerized sewing machine that have features for both embroidery as well as sewing capabilities. The machine has some of the most amazing high-end features that are easy to comes with a 70 built-in designs and a separate CD with extra 100 designs. It serves well as a sewing machine with a total of 67 built-in stitches. It has a 4 by 4 inches embroidery field. A touch screen LCD is incorporated at the front of this model to allow essay selection, preview and editing of your selected stitches and designs

It is also fun working with this model as it has automatic needle threading system and thread cutter. It is therefore a great choice for beginners and obviously loved by the experts too. A USB connectivity allows it to be connected to the computer and import more designs for wider and beautiful creations.

Brother SE425 Key Features

Built-in Stitches and Designs

This machine comes with 67 built-in stitches which is a good number for production of variety of creative ideas. Remember that the machine also handles embroidery projects. It therefore has a total of 170 designs for great embroidery. To be precise, it has 70 built-in designs and 100 extra designs in a separate CD.

LCD Touch screen

Brother SE425 has a clear touch screen that makes the selection of stitches and the designs effortless. With just one touch of finger, you get your designs and stitch selections ready for stitching. It allows you to preview your designs and edit them in case there’s a need fro that.

USB Connectivity

This machine is advanced in features. The USB connectivity is included to allow it to connect with a computer. This way, you can import more designs for more variable and beautiful is also important when upgrading your machine’s software.

LED Lighting

If you are working in a room with insufficient light it will not be a big challenge to you since the machine has an LED that brightly lights up the work area to allow you continue with your work. You won’t need to look for an extra source of light


This model can stitch at an amazingly high speed. The 710 stitch per minute enables you to bring your creative designs to life faster. This speed can be adjusted comfortably depending on the type of fabric being handled.

Automatic Needle Threader

Threading through the eye of this machine’s needle is not a bigger problem for you anymore. The automatic needle threading system only requires you to turn a lever and get your thread pushed through the needle’s eye effortlessly.

Brother SE400 vs SE425 – Similarities and Differences

Both machines are very much identical and are considered as twin brothers. They share a lot of features. They have the same size, weight and other features discussed below.

Both Brother Se400 and se425 sewing machines comes with a total of 67 built-in stitches. An LCD touch screen is found at the front of both machine which makes it easy to select, preview and even edit your designs and stitches. Both sewing machines have the ability to connect to a computer using a USB port. This enables you to import more designs from online sites including the brother’s official website called

Moreover, the two models allows you to thread through the eye of the needle with utmost ease. They come with a convenient automatic needle threading system. With just a turn of a lever, you get your needle threaded and consequently you should be ready to start your project off.  This, with the amazing top drop-in bobbin loading and an automatic thread cutter makes it even funnier working with these machines.

However, despite those similarities, there are some worth mentioning differences between the two models. While you can enjoy choosing from a total of 170 built in designs in se425 its competitor offers you only 70 of such designs. The additional 100 designs for the se425 are included in a separate CD, otherwise they have a similar number of built-in designs. This difference is not significant as you can still import more downloaded designs for the se400 using a USB port.

The most significant difference between the two models is the price. It is obvious that you will need to spend extra dime to acquire se425 than you would have if you picked se400.

Brother SE400 vs SE425 – Final Verdict

You have undoubtedly gotten some important knowledge about the two Brothers at this point. It is not arguable if we say that the only feature difference with these two models is the additional 100 designs on a CD for Brother SE425. Else other features including their functionality and stitch quality are the same.

The price difference however does not mean the se400 is a lesser model. So, looking at them closely we would advise you to go for the Brother SE400 and save on some extra cost. You don’t need to worry about the extra designs because sincerely speaking you might not even need to use all the 170 stitches that comes with se425.

We hopefully believe that our Brother SE400 vs SE425 has helped you to make a decision on which one to buy between the two. All the best with your project.