Brother 1034D VS 1634D Comparison Guide!

Brother 1034D VS 1634D

Have you been tirelessly scouring the market trying to purchase a serger sewing machine and are wondering which one is the best? A serger, also known as an overlock machine, is a specially designed sewing machine with exceptional features for overlock stitching. Often, these machines use between two and four threads. But some do vary. So, if you are trying to pick the better between Brother 1034D vs 1634D, you are in the right place.

These two units are among the most popular sergers in the market with almost a tie in the price. With a wide range of similar features, one can easily get confused when trying to make the final buying decision. Luckily, this Brother 1034D VS 1634D comparison guide will help you get all the information about the two to make your informed decision. Starting from their features, cutting through similarities and differences, suggesting the better option, this guide has a lot to offer.

Before we proceed to anything, we will tell you the truth about the two sergers. All sergers will allow you to achieve consistent and professional seams. Their sewing results are better off compared with ordinary sewing machines. With that in mind, let us compare the two Brother sergers (Brother 1034D VS 1634D) and help you make an informed buying decision between the two.

Brother 1034D Overview

Brother 1034D Serger Sewing Machine

  • Built-in stitches: 22
  • Thread system: 3 or 4
  • Features: Retractable cutting knife, Removable stitch finger, Adjustable presser foot pressure, Bulb Light

The Brother 1034D is one of the top-selling serger sewing machines that has won accolades for its impressive performance and efficiency. This Brother model has an impressive line of handy features that suits everyone from beginner, intermediate, and professional sewists. Buoyed by the company’s high reputation, Brother 1034D boasts several features that make your sewing tasks quick and straightforward. A total of 22 built-in stitch options coupled with the machine’s 3-4 thread system puts the machine on another level.

This serger measures 11 by 11.7 by 3.2 inches and is lightweight with a shipping weight of approximately 18.1 pounds, which makes it portable. It uses standard-size needles. Brother serger 1034, at the first look, might seem hard to operate, but once you lay your hand on it, you will be sewing like a pro within a short time. The detailed, easy-to-read, and understand instructional manuals plus the color-coded threading guide will help you a great deal. Interestingly, you will get your tasks completed within no time, thanks to its super speed. The consistent and quality 1,300 stitches created per minute place this serger above other ordinary sewing machines. It requires regular oiling for smooth functioning.

Brother 1034D Key Features

Retractable cutting knife – for professional edge finishes, this sewing machine comes with a retractable cutting knife to ensure smooth edges. You can turn it off when not needed.

Built-in options – Brother Serger 1034D avails different multipurpose stitch options, with a total of 22 built-in stitches. You will, however, be able to achieve more stitches with adjustable presser foot pressure.

Adjustable width and stitch length – You can adjust the stitch length and width for this serger machine to allow you to create the desired seams for your crafts. The stitches can adjust to a maximum length of 1mm to 4 mm and a width of 5mm to 7mm.

Adjustable differential feed – the differential feed can be adjusted to allow feeding a wide range of fabrics, including the multi-layered. It controls the speed at which the materials pass through the feed dog to maintain the stitch tension.

Removable stitch finger –this feature has been included to give you quality seams. When you set the finger, the thread wraps itself around it to produce consistent stitches along the edges. However, the finger needs to be removed when working on rolled or narrow hems.

Adjustable presser foot pressure – for consistent and quality stitches, you can vary the presser foot pressure while handling various fabrics. Lighter fabrics will require reduced pressure, while thicker ones need high pressure. It gives you better results.

3 or 4 Thread System – this serger uses 1-needle, 3-thread, and 2-needle, 4-thread options. It is, therefore, easy for a beginner to get started and gain experience within a short time. This feature enhances the efficiency of the machine while handling a variety of fabrics with ease.

Bulb Light – a bulb light has been incorporated with the machine to illuminate the work area, especially in poorly lit rooms. Unlike LED light in other sewing machines, this is not adequately bright.

Brother 1034D Pros and Cons


  • Needle types – the standard-sized needle are readily available in the market. So, you will not get stranded with your project in case of breakage.
  • Easy to thread – the color-coded threading feature makes threading easier and quicker, especially for beginners.
  • User-independent – can be used by any user, beginners, as well as experts, without any serious challenge.
  • Price – it is fair in price. Considering the features it offers, its price is affordable to most sewists.
  • Stitch quality – this serger has several features, all yielding quality stitches.
  • LED light – helpful in rooms that have poor lighting. You will not need to stop your sewing as darkness approaches.


  • Regular oiling – it can be costly maintaining this serger. Regular oiling will recurrently cost you some extra bucks.
  • No thread cutter – the absence of a thread cutter for this machine will require you to have an extra pair of cutting scissors close to you.
  • Limitation on warranty – for non-US users, the sewing machine’s warranty does not apply.
  • Controls – the controls are located at the left. It is a disadvantage for right-handed users, however, not a deal-breaker.

Brother 1634D Overview

The Brother 1634D is one of the serger sewing machines lauded in the sewing world for its features and functionalities. It is an efficient sewing machine that allows you complete control over the sewing operations. Threading this serger is easy and quick, thanks to the color-coded guide and the lay-in threading system. The detachable free arm allows you to sew pant hems, cuffs, and sleeve with ease.  To allow you to feed a variety of fabrics, a dial at the top of the machine is pressed to enable it. Its 22 built-in stitch options enable you to accomplish your sewing task without problem.

Brother 1634 creates 1,300 exciting and professional stitches within a minute. Sewing becomes possible even in a dark-lit room since the machine itself comes with a LED light. It measures 12.5 by 13.5 by 15 inches.

Brother 1634D Key Features

Stitch options – Brother serger 1634 provides even 1-needle, 3-thread, and 2-needle, and 4- thread overlock stitches, a narrow hem, rolled hem, and ribbon lock stitches that are useful for accomplishing most of your serging projects. In general, there are 22 stitch options. It also provides for the introduction of other options like flatlock and pintuck stitches. You only need to purchase an appropriate presser foot pressure.

Speed – Sewing with this machine, you can create professional and consistent 1,300 stitches per minute. This speed is fast enough to get your work done within no time. It beats most ordinary sewing machines in terms of output.

3 or 4 Thread Capability – The machine’s ability to use multiple threads makes it easy for both professionals and beginners to use. You can work on any fabric type without many technical challenges. With this kind of feature, the machine expresses a high sense of efficiency.

Thread tension control – Whether you are dealing with seams, hems, roll, or patterns on your craft piece, you will realize that thread tension is very important for quality results. This serger avails a mechanism for strengthening the thread tension to give you seamless sewing.

Adjustable differential feed – a differential feed is an essential control for the feed dog. Brother 1634D presents an adjustable differential feed that makes it easy to handle a variety of fabrics. The feeding speed can be adjusted through the differential feed to avoid thread breakage while ensuring consistent thread tension.

Retractable cutting knife – among the requirements for quality seams is edge smoothness. With a retractable cutting knife, trimming the edges is made easy and ensures a professional finish at all times. Still, there is a dial that allows you to pull the knife inside when not needed.

Warranty – Brother backs your sewing machine with 25-year limited warranty support alongside free phone support. It makes Brother one of the most trusted brands in the sewing arena.

LED Lighting – for a better view of the work area, this serger comes with a LED lighting system. You will not need to worry about having an extra light source if working in a dim-lit room.

Brother 1634D Pros and Cons


  • User-friendliness – the machine is easy to learn and use. It makes it an excellent choice for beginner sewists.
  • Easy to thread – it is easy threading with this machine because of its color-coded threading guide. The lay-in looper threading makes it impressive.
  • Instructions – The instructions you find while unpacking this serger are very comprehensive and easy to follow. They exist in DVDs and a step-by-step manual.
  • Price – Brother serer 1634D is reasonably priced and can be afforded by most sewing enthusiasts. Considering the multiple exciting features it offers, this sewing machine is highly economical.


  • Noise – it is reported by most users that this machine produces a lot of noise when operated at its top speed.

Brother 1034D VS 1634D Similarities and Differences

Brother serger 1034D and 1634D share several similarities than they differ. They both use two needles with 3 to 4 threads. They have a helpful color code guide that makes threading way too easy especially for first-time users. The two machines come with stitch fingers for quality stitches. The stitch length and width can be adjusted accordingly and with ultimate ease.

For a professional finish, the two sergers come with a retractable knife that trims the edges of your seams to ensure a smooth lining. The cutting knife can be turned on and off required. Additionally, you will find adjustable presser foot pressure that allows the machine to work on a variety of fabrics without compromising stitch quality.

Moreover, these Brother models weigh the same and are both backed with the same warranty period of 25 years applicable to users in the US only. Both sewing machines can create 1,300 stitches per minute. The free arm available in both sewing machines makes it easy for you to sew hard-to-reach parts such as pant hems, cuffs, and other such parts of your sewing pieces.

Unless you are an experienced sewist who gives attention to the finest details, you will not notice the difference between Brother 1034D VS 1634D. Let us look at the differences at that expert level.

Looking at the differential feeds for both machines, you will note that there is a difference. Brother 1634D has a differential feed ranging between 0.7 to 0.2 mm, while Brother 1034 has one ranging between 0.7 to 2.0 mm. this means that Brother 1034D will accommodate more fabrics compared to  1634D.

Brother 1034D avails you with diverse stitching options. These options allow you to choose from a range of 3 thread overlocks, 4-thread overlocks, narrow hem, rolled hem, and stitches like ribbon lock. For this reason, Brother Serger 1634 is considered less advance than 1034D. The two also differ in the adjustable stitch length and width.

Additionally, Brother 1034D comes with a slightly high price compared with 1634D. It might seem like a point for Brother 1634, but it does not beat Brother 1034D in quality. Unlike Brother 1034D, this serger does not have 2 point thread tension options. Its affordability has traded off some few very worthy features and capabilities.

Brother 1034D VS 1634D FAQs

  • Which one between the two sergers is the best for beginners?

A beginner-friendly serger should have easy-to-use features and which are easy to learn. The color-coded threading alone makes this machine an excellent choice for beginners. Instructional manual and DVD videos come in handy for fast learning.

  • Which one has an easy-to-use Differential feed?

The differential feed will control how your fabric is fed through the feed dog. Generally, the two machines present easy to operate differential feed.

  • Which one between these two is ideal for double chain stitching?

Unfortunately, neither Brother 1034D nor 1634D can be used for double stitching.

  • Which one between Brother 1034D and 1634D is faster?

The two machines tie in speed. They both can create 1,300 stitches per minute while maintaining stitch quality. This machine is an ideal one for projects with deadlines.

Brother 1034D VS 1634D Final Verdict

Your final decision will always narrow down to a high-quality sewing machine and its excellent performance. As we have seen, the Brother 1034D and 1634D meet most of your sewing needs with high stitch speed and consistent sewing results. But how comfortable and easy to use these machines? Brother 1034D serger ranks marginally above its counterpart. It is easy to use and more suitable for beginners.

If you are a sewing expert or a hobbyist with advanced sewing experience, you might opt for Brother 1634D. There is no difference between the two in terms of the built-in stitches, speed, and consistency. You can therefore pick any of them with complete satisfaction, and you will not be disappointed. If the price comes as your primary consideration, then your best pick will be Brother 1634D. However, if you are hard-bent on quality and do not need anything lesser, it will be Brother 1034 all the way.