Singer 4411 VS 4432 Comparison Guide

Singer 4411 VS 4432 Comparison

Are you looking to compare Singer 4411 VS 4432 sewing machines? Here is a comparison guide detailing both of these incredible machines.

If you are in the market looking for a heavy-duty sewing machine that is excellent for beginners and professionals alike, you are at the right place. When you search for a budget sewing machine in the market, you will come across the models under the ’44’ series. The Singer 4411 and 4432 are the most prominent models in the market today. They are known for their high performance, stitch quality, as well as affordability. Despite their feature difference, they are priced close to each other. Even though the price gap is low, you must understand which one offers you more value for your money.

To help you make the right decision, we have prepared a comprehensive and honest head-to-head Singer 4411 VS 4432 comparison guide. We will start by looking at their features in detail then go down to accessing their similarities and differences. In the end, you should be informed on which sewing machine to pick.

Singer 4411 VS 4432 Comparison Table


Singer 4411 Overview

Singer 4411

Singer 4411 is a heavy-duty sewing machine with features suitable for both experts and newbies. It is ingeniously designed to handle most of the sewing tasks that come to your mind. It is built of a heavy-duty metal frame giving it a sturdy posture and the ability to sew heavyweight fabrics. Using this sewing machine, you can sew leather, denim, and upholstery. This being said, you can operate this machine at a maximum speed of 1,100 stitches per minute, thanks to its motor power.

It is equipped with various features, including 11 built-in stitches comprising basic stitches, decorative stitches, and one four-step buttonhole. With the ability to adjust the stitch length and width, these basic stitches can be manipulated to give a wide range of sewing styles. The stainless steel bedplate, the drop-in bobbin system, and the reverse lever are other amazing features.

If you are looking for an unfailing heavy-duty and affordable sewing machine for your long-term investment, Singer 4411 will make the best pick for you. Let us dive into the detailed part of its features.

Singer 4411 Key Features

Heavy-duty design – the Singer 4411 is built with a highly durable heavy-duty metal frame. The metallic body holds the components to the right alignment for the most consistent sewing results. Even if you work at the highest speed, you will still be able to get skip-free professional results.

Stainless steel bedplate – the machine’s bedplate is made of stainless steel to allow smooth gliding of fabrics for seamless sewing. Feeding the fabric is made easy and, therefore, can handle even the thick materials without any big challenge.

Top drop-in bobbin system – it is easy and convenient to load the bobbin from the top compared to the side-loading as it is in other models. In addition to that, it has a transparent top cover that allows you to monitor the thread usage. You will be able to replace the bobbin before the thread runs out.

Reverse stitch – the reverse lever enables you to reinforce your stitches by stitching in reverse. The reverse stitch dial is used to activate the reverse stitch mode. You will be able to achieve a clear finish for your sewing task.

Adjustable Stitch Length and width – the stitch length and width can be adjusted to enable you to sew various techniques and patterns. It is one of the machine’s aspects of versatility.

Lighting – Singer 4411 comes with super bright LED lighting. You will not need an extra source of light if you are working in a dark room.

Automatic thread cutter – the thread cutter will automatically trim your seams for a professional finish.

Singer 4411 Pros and Cons


  • Design – the sewing machine can sew a variety of fabrics due to its sturdy metallic body.
  • Cost – it is affordably priced as compared with other sewing machines that offer similar sewing capabilities. Once you are up and running, it does not need much maintenance.
  • Less noisy – it does not make a lot of noise even while running at its highest sewing speed.
  • Speed – the 1,100 elegant stitches per minute is a super speed. You will get your work done within a short time.
  • Portable – it is a lightweight sewing machine that can be carried from one point to another.


  • Manual threading – it does not have an automatic needle threader. Threading is therefore strenuous.
  • Not advanced –  does not have a lot of advanced features but does the basic projects with perfection.
  • Buttonhole style – the four-step buttonhole is not as efficient as the one-step buttonhole style.

Singer 4432 Overview

SINGER Heavy Duty 4432

The Singer 4432 is an extra-high speed sewing machine from one of the world’s top sewing machine brands, the Singer. It is one of the company’s advanced sewing machines that come with affordable prices and easy-to-use features. The machine measures 15.2 by 6.2 by 12 inches with a grand weight of 15 pounds. It is also fitted with a 60% stronger motor than other conventional sewing machines. The motor power gives the machine a faster sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute.

Singer 4432 comes with several exciting features that are not only excellent for expert seamstresses but also the beginners. It can handle a wide range of sewing projects without a show of weakness or exhaustion. For this reason, it is termed as a true workhorse. The Singer has not disappointed its customers in any way. Their tireless dedication in helping people bring their craft ideas to life has led to continuous innovation of great sewing machines. The Singer 4432 is one of the most popular releases with a warranty period of 25years.

Singer 4432 Key Features

Built-in stitches –  Singer 4432 has 32 built-in stitches that comprise six basic stitches, eighteen decorative stitches, seven stretch stitches, and a one-step buttonhole. It is an excellent sewing machine for making craft items, décor, and creating clothes from scratch, among others.

Automatic needle threader – this another most appreciated feature that helps you get started quickly. The automatic needle threader threads your machine easily and faster without too much hassle.

One-step automatic buttonhole feature – making buttonholes with this machine is made easy with the automatic feature. You will create elegant uniform-sized buttonholes in just one step.

Super-High sewing speed – the Singer 4432 can deliver professional 1,100 stitches per minute. According to many reviews, this speed is enough to get your projects done in lesser time than you expected.

Adjustable presser feet – the presser foot can be adjusted to allow you to vary the pressure to suit the fabric being handled. Thicker and multi-layered materials will require higher pressure and inversely for the thin ones. Four Snap-On presser feet can be changed to give your sewing machine a wider range of capabilities.

Free arm – the machine has a removable unit that enables the free arm feature. With the free arm, you can easily access most hard-to-reach parts of your sewing pieces. You can also conveniently switch the collars, sleeves, pant hems, and more.

Drop-in Bobbin system – it is easy to insert the bobbin for this machine. Loading from the top is quite convenient. You can monitor the thread usage through the transparent cover to avoid the frustration that comes with running out of the thread in the middle of your sewing.

Lighting – it has a well-illuminated workspace, thanks to a super bright LED lighting that comes fixed to the machine. Sewing even in the darkroom will not be a problem for you.

Tension System – for quality stitches, the thread tension should be fastened. The thread tension system allows you to adjust the thread tension using an adjustment dial.

Singer 4432 Pros and Cons


  • Design – the heavy-duty design and the motor power gives the machine able to effectively and efficiently handle a wide range of projects while calling for minimum maintenance.
  • Automatic features – the automatic needle threader and thread cutter are very useful for the delivery of professional results.
  • Adjustable stitch length and width – the stitch length and width can be adjusted easily to allow you to sew various techniques and patterns.
  • Drop-feed – the drop feed capability comes in handy when quilting.


  • Color- some might consider the machine’s dull color as a disadvantage though it doesn’t have a significant effect on the machine functionality
  • Portability – it is quite heavy and can be a challenge carrying it from one point to another.
  • Mixed results – even though it handles thick materials, it can produce inconsistent results after prolonged use.

Singer 4411 VS 4432 Similarities and Differences

Both these sewing machines have several similar features. They have a floor pedal that enables you to control your sewing operation. You can sew at a maximum speed of 1,100 stitches per minute. This speed is faster compared to models from other brands. They also have four presser feet in common. These feet add versatility to your sewing machine so that you can be able to handle almost any task thrown your way. The feet include; buttonhole foot, all-purpose foot, zipper foot, and button sewing foot.

Both these sewing machines have their bodies constructed of a heavy-duty metal frame. The design is perfect for carrying out skip-free stitching. They can, therefore, sew many things, including both lightweight and heavyweight materials. Unlike computerized models, these require less maintenance. Again they an extra-high two-step presser foot lifter that provides two pressure levels subject to the thickness and weight of the material you are sewing.

Additionally, they both have a LED lighting to enable you to work despite poor lighting in case of dark rooms. The free arm is another common feature that makes the two machines efficient in sewing tube-shaped parts of your crafts. They have an adjustable stitch length and width. This feature enables you to use your sewing machine to sew various techniques.

Moreover, they both come with a top drop-in bobbin system with a transparent cover. The drop-in bobbin system is efficient and hassle-free as compared to side loading. In both machines, the fabric is fed smoothly over a stainless steel bedplate.

On the other hand, these machines, as we had earlier mentioned are not entirely the same. There are a couple of features and functionalities that create a gap between them. The number of built-in stitches differs for both. While Singer 4411 has only 11 stitches, its counterpart has 32 built-in stitches. They have the same number of basic stitches but Singer 4432 has more decorative stitches.

Another difference is in the buttonhole style. Singer 4411 has a four-step buttonhole style while 4432 has a one-step buttonhole. The four-step buttonhole is more manual as compared to the one-step buttonhole. Therefore, it is easier to create buttonholes with Singer 4432 compared to 4411. When you look at how you can thread with these machines, you will realize that Singer 4432 comes with an automatic needle threader unlike 4411 which employs manual threading.

Singer 4411 VS 4432FAQs

  • Which one between Singer 4411 and 4432 is the best for beginners?

Singer 4432 will be the best pick for beginners. Why? The automatic needle threader is the first thing that will rule out Singer 4411. It also has a one-step buttonhole which is impressive and user-friendly features best for beginner sewists.

  • Which one between these two sewing machines can handle heavyweight materials?

They are designed with most of your sewing projects in mind. Their metallic body parts and strong motor power give them the ability to handle just about anything thrown at it.

  • Which one between Singer 4411 ad 4432 is excellent for decoration?

Singer 4432 has more decorative stitches and, therefore, the best if you are dealing with home décor or other decorative projects.

  • Which one between them is cheaper?

Although they are priced close to each other, there is one obvious which is above the other. Singer 4411 is cheaper than 4432 but at a very small margin.

Singer 4411 VS 4432Final verdict 

Now that we have gone through the detailed part, we need to make our final choice for the most appropriate sewing machine. The two machines have relentless performance and are among the popular Singer models which can handle a wide variety of projects. Your final choice will depend on your needs and sewing preferences.

If you are on a budget and looking for a simpler sewing machine that is for hemming jeans or sewing upholstery, then Singer 4411 will be the best option you can also alter as well starting your garments from scratch. However, if you are knitting you will need the stretch stitches offered by the Singer 4432. The Singer 4432 wins in terms of the decorative stitches and the automatic buttonhole.

The two sewing machines are closely priced. Therefore, you might not consider their price difference when deciding which one to purchase. Singer 4432 is priced just slightly above its counterpart. If you are interested in additional decorative stitches and the fully automated buttonhole style. Otherwise, the two work just perfect for both beginners and professionals alike.

We hopefully believe that to this far, you have a clear understanding on comparison between Singer 4411 VS 4432 singer machines.