Vitamix 5200 vs 5300 Blender Comparison Guide

vitamix 5200 vs 5300 comparison

So you have narrowed down your choice of blenders and found yourself comparing Vitamix 5200 vs 5300? Well, this guide will give you a rundown of the two blenders, feature by feature and help you handpick the best of the two.

Vitamix blenders are legends in the blending world. It is worth investing in any Vitamix blender because they are game-changers in the nutritional life. However, when you set out to buy a blender, Vitamix will present several different models which come with distinct features, performance, and functionalities to you. This will definitely overwhelm you as you try to identify the right brand that will comfortably meet your needs. This implies that you have to understand the difference in the models you choose from and what each of them offers. That being said, if you are looking at investing in either Vitamix 5200 Vs 5300 and you are wondering which road to take, this article is here for you. It will highlight and describe each of these blender models comprehensively to help you make an informed decision.

Vitamix 5300 At A Glance

The Vitamix 5300 is often viewed as a hybrid model that belongs somewhere in between classic C series and next-generation G series. Its capabilities and performance scale is an interesting thing about this model. It comes with a powerful 2.2 horsepower motor and low profile 64 ounce container perfect for blending large batches. It is suitable for family and meals entertaining. Its stainless steel laser-cut blades helps give you consistent blending results throughout.   Additionally, it has 10 variable speeds, two switches, and pulse functions. The speed and pulse controls allows you to enjoy full control of the blending process for the desired results.

You can use these different settings to blend all kinds of smoothies, cocktails, desserts, soups, kinds of butter, and so forth to your preferred texture. With 10 different speeds, it is very easy to be flexible while blending any kind of ingredients. This model has a warranty of 5 years that will give you confidence using you blender. To get more about this Vitamix model lets dive look at the features in details.

Vitamix 5300 Important features

Power and motor

vitamix 5300

Blender’s performance is mostly measured in terms of the motor power. In fact everyone will always go for the high rated motor power for high quality results and blender capabilities. The Vitamix 5300 model comes with a 2.2 horsepower motor which gives the blender more power to chop through very hard ingredients. This super horse power combined with the 4-inch blades makes this model very efficient and very good performer. It can handle any ingredient regardless of the density, both tough and soft and interestingly with not even a slight difficulty.

The low profile 64 oz. container

The older C-series Vitamix models were built with a 2 horsepower motor and they were therefore designed to blend with the narrow-tall containers that were 20 inches tall. However, Vitamix 5300 came with the low profile containers. Due to this, they have longer blades that are 4 inches and a wider base than the generic tall Vitamix containers. The 64 oz.Low profile container is great for blending larger amounts of ingredients that can serve a better number of people. Additionally, these low profile containers does not present a challenge with blending small batches and hard recipes because of the wider base. It is therefore perfect for both sall and large family use. More impressive, the low profile container is shorter and therefore do not present any difficulties fitting under a kitchen cabinet and kitchen tops fittings.


You will always need a blender with strong and durable blades. This helps you a great deal when handling a diverse ingredient types. The blender comes with laser-cut, stainless-steel cutting blades that enables you to blend a consistent mixture. With the motor power these blades can be pushed harder to cut through even the toughest of the ingredients to give amazing consistent results. The length of these blades is 4 inches long which provides a larger ingredients’ cutting area for fast blending therefore saving time. Moreover, they do not fade nor flake with time.

Extensive Warranty

Anything that is packaged with a warranty agreement is worth giving a trial on. Warranty saves you from doubts and stress in case your blender fails. It is a custom practice with Vitamix blenders to come with a long warrant time, the Vitamix 5300 blender comes with a 5-year unlimited warranty. This covers about every other part, component, and structure of the items. This warranty covers parts and labor and it transferable meaning warranty is guaranteed even if you decide to purchase a second blender. Additionally, Vitamix manufacturer takes care of all shipping costs should the blender require repairs.


Noise level is one of the important consideration taken into account while weighing on the blender type to purchase. You might not really want to purchase a noisy blender but unfortunately most blenders while blending at their top speed makes a lot of noise. This blender comes with 2.2 horsepower motor and therefore it is expected to make some considerable bit of noise. It essentially output sound at about 80 decibels which is to be appreciated because but it is less noisy than the Vitamix 5200. However, you have an option of attaching a silicone pad holder to your blender in order to dampen the noise if you want to keep it quiet a little bit less noisy.


The Vitamix 5300 comes with the low-profile tamper which is quite different from the standard tampers. The tamper that is attached to the 5300 only works with the low profile 64 oz. and 40 oz. containers. This is because it matches the wide jar because there is adequate room for the ingredient. The tamper integrates well with the removable lid cap.


The Vitamix 5300 was designed well for the kitchen cabinets and top fittings and therefore requires minimal amount of space for storage. If you have small counter space, then you should be glad because it comfortably fits into kitchen cabinets and top fittings as well. The base is 8.75 inches long by 7.25 inches wide and it has a height of 17.25 inches. It weighs about 12 lbs.

Speed settings and controls

Controlling your blender’s functionality is delightful. This will see you realize your desired blend texture. The Vitamix 5300 model has 10 variable speeds that you can vary from 1 to 10. Many customer reviews indicate that it is easy to transition smoothly from speed level to another. These speeds are controlled through a variable dial in the centre of the base. Actually, the design of controls in this model are minimalistic therefore it is very simple to control. Moreover, there are only two switches on this blender. To the left of the speed knob, there is a pulse switch while to the right one is the start and stop switch. You can pulse switch together with the speed settings to get the right texture and consistency.

Ease of use and cleaning

With the 4-inch blades and 2.2 HP motor, the Vitamix 5300 makes quick work of any ingredient. The Vitamix 5300 is very simple and efficient to operate. You simply turn on the knob and press the function in order to start the blending procedure. Moreover, cleaning the blender requires no disassembly either. You can rinse with warm water after each use. Additionally, you can alternatively do the self-cleaning process, which requires adding water and dish-cleaning liquid detergent in the blender and blending the mixture at its highest speed for about 30 seconds


With its 2.2 horsepower motor and the 4-inch stainless steel blades, it can blend just about any difficult blending ingredients you give it such as different kinds of nut kinds of butter, smoothies, dough, raw soups and more. Its functionality is impressive.

A Quick look at Vitamix 5200

The Vitamix 5200 blender is the most popular and best-seller model in the Vitamix Legacy series. Although it is an older design, many customer reviews indicate that it is very efficient and therefore worth its price tag. It is termed to be exceptionally durable, versatile and very convenient. Customers have remained loyal to this model despite Vitamix ushering in new models to the market. The Vitamix 5200 comes with 2 horsepower motor that produces power enough to cut through some moderately tough ingredients. It also gives you full control over the blending process with 10 variable speed controls and a pulse control, user-friendly switches that are easy to operate, 64 oz. container that is designed and other basic features make this model more impressive than some high-end models. Therefore, if you are looking for a blender that is durable and a high-performer, you can’t go wrong with Vitamix 5200.

Vitamix 5200 Important features


vitamix 5200

The Vitamix 5200 has a very easy control panel. In the control interface panel, it has a dial for up to 10 speeds, the high/variable switch, and the on/off switch. It is very simple to understand and operate. Depending on the ingredient’s density the speed can the varied appropriate for the ingredient at hand. The variable speeds enables the users to decide how fine they want to blend the food by selecting between the 10 available speeds.

The base unit and motor

Vitamix designed the 5200 to be a highly capable blender that will blend anything from smoothies to hard ingredients and give a high quality output. The 2 horsepower motor blends with around 1500 watts. The base of this model is design to reduce friction, enhance its durability and make it more efficient. Additionally, there is an advanced cooling system in the motor base that cools the motor when blending and it has a thermal sensor that is responsible for automatically turning it off in case the motor gets overheated.


This model comes with a 64 oz. high-profile container in this model. It is 20 inches high and this presents a challenge fitting it underneath an average-sized kitchen cabinet but can at least be placed on countertop fittings. Additionally, the 5200’s container can only blend smaller batches of food which is sufficient for a few people mostly small sized families.


A blender that has advanced and powerful cutting capability is what everyone yearns for when it comes to selecting a blender suitable for their needs. This model comes with stainless steel quality blades which makes it a powerful cutting and blending machine. These in-built blades are 3 inches long and they spin to produce 37,000 RPM. This speed is enough to work on your ingredients with convenience for the desired texture.


Vitamix 5200 has a wide range of functionalities that makes it outstanding. The Vitamix 5200 works very well for smoothies, soups, sauces, frozen desserts, nut butter, crushed ice, frosted icing, whole grain flours, and juices. Moreover, it produces quality blends.

Ease of use

Just like all of the other Vitamix models, the Vitamix 5200 blender is easy to use and maintain. Starting with the available controls you will realise that adjusting the speed and the pulse features is considerably easy letting you to fine-tune your blend texture as your recipe. Once you attach the container to the base, add the ingredients, push the lid and switch it on, the blending will continue smoothly. Moreover, you can add water or ingredients easily even when it is running and it does not limit you.


Cleaning your blender is one of the highly advised maintenance approach. However you won’t find it thrilling to clean a much taxing blender. Luckily, just like any other Vitamix model, all you have to do is to rinse it with hot water. Add a few drops of soap into the container. Then gradually increase speed for 10 to 30 seconds. The created effect will clean the sides and blades. This procedure is simple and doesn’t require you to disassemble the blender

Noise level – the noise level of blender usually raises a big concern when searching for the best blender to buy. However it is normal for most motor-driven accessories and machines to make noticeable noises when in operation. Vitamix has tried its best to reduce the noise from some of its blenders, one being 5200 model. It is fitted with a noise dampening technology at its base. This improvement doesn’t eliminate the totally noise but rather reduces it to a moderated level.


An extensive warranty is liked by most buyers considering the aspects it covers. Vitamix for that case has got your back. It provides you with a full 7-year warranty. This covers about any other part of your blender and its performance. It also covers shipping costs to and fro the manufacturer in case there is a need for blender repair or malfunction fixing. Additionally this warranty is transferable meaning that it can still be valid and useful even for a second hand blender.

Similarities and Differences Between Vitamix 5200 Vs 5300

The Vitamix 5300 and 5200 share a lot in common since they come from the same manufacturer. They have very similar controls, blade material and they are both easy to clean. They both function so well. Moreover, both blenders come with built-in radial cooling fans which prevent overheating by turning off the blender when the temperature is too high thus increasing the blender’s durability. They both have the same housing motor meaning they have the same level of noise.

However, these models have their major differences which puts one model at a better performance. Vitamix 5300 is a shorter in height as compared to 5200 which means it does not present any difficulty while fitting in both kitchen cabinets and top fittings. This makes the storage of 5300 much easier and convenient in terms of space. Additionally, the blades of Vitamix 5300 are 4-inches in diameter as compared to Vitamix 5200 that has 2.8 inches blades. This makes Vitamix 5300 more efficient and faster at chopping hard ingredients. Moreover, the 5300 comes with a pulse feature and has a much stronger motor with a 2.2 horse power. This great horse power combined with the 4-inch blades blends more consistently producing a great texture than Vitamix 5200.

Vitamix 5200 Vs 5300 – Final Verdict

Having gone through the comprehensive comparison between the two Vitamix model, it is now your turn to pick the better one suitable for your blending needs. The above detailed review proves the Vitamix 5300 is a better blender between the two models. As an upgrade of the 5200 Vitamix model, it comes with a great additional features that makes it more efficient. This model will be a game-changer in your nutritional life and therefore worth investing in.