Brother CS6000i VS 7258 Comparison Guide – Which Is Better?

Brother CS6000i VS CS7000i Comparison

This is a comprehensive guide that aims to help users differentiate Brother CS6000i VS 7258 and in the end make an informed buying decision. There are several manufacturers of sewing machines and Brother and Singer are the most popular companies. They are major role players in the manufacture of high-quality sewing and embroidery machines. For many decades, they have dominated the industry. They are the two major companies that even entry-level sewists will easily recognize.

The two sewing machines from these companies that are likely to cause you a hard time choosing between them are the Brother CS6000I and Singer 7258. They have several similar features and functionalities but are not entirely the same. Now that you are on this site, you must be trying to pick one, so your question is; which one is better? Luckily, we have prepared this detailed Brother CS6000I VS Singer 7258 comparison guide to help you choose wisely. We will explore their features and try to extract their similarities as well as differences to create the basis for our final verdict.

Brother CS6000i VS 7258 Comparison Table


Brother CS6000i Overview

Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine

  • Build-in stitches: 60
  • Speed: 850/Min
  • One-Step Buttonhole: 7
  • Speed control: Electronic
  • Features: Auto Needle Threader, LCD Screen, LED light, Free arm.

The Brother CS6000I is a computerized feature-rich sewing machine. It is one of the popular models from Brother. It is a user-friendly sewing machine with features that are easy to learn and use by both experts and beginner sewists. The machine is a lightweight and highly portable sewing machine with easy maneuvering and a detachable extra-wide table that comes in handy when handling larger projects and quilts.

Its 60 built-in stitches are eye-catching features that will give you the ability to create garments from scratch and decorate your craftwork with different patterns and styles. Beginners find it easy to use with features such as the automatic needle threader, easy bobbin winding sewing speed controller, and the available even options of buttonhole styles.

Brother CS6000I comes with LED lighting that lets you work even in the dark, adjustable stitch length and width for your customized patterns and styles, a free arm for handling hard-to-reach parts like sleeves, and an LCD screen for viewing the stitch options, selecting the and previewing the final results before sewing. Let’s have a look at its feature in detail.

Brother CS6000i Key Features

Built-in stitches – Brother CS6000I has 60 built-in stitches. These stitches comprise 20 basic stitches, 20 decorative stitches, 7 quilting stitches, 6 heirlooms, and 7 buttonholes. You can easily elect these stitches with the help of a button. Playing around with these stitches allows you to create dazzling garments.

LCD Screen – it has a touch-sensitive screen that allows you to view and select your desired stitches. You can also preview the result before you can sew the actual thing. The screen is a significant aspect of the machine’s ease of use. With just a touch of a finger, you can select or deselect the stitches.

Speed controller – sewing at your comfortable speed will help you achieve the most high-quality results. With the speed controller, you can either increase or decrease the machine’s operation speed to suit your preference. For beginners, sewing slowly is better as they get to master the art of sewing.

Automatic needle threader – it is always painful to thread the needle manually. The process comes with eye-straining, mostly tedious and time-consuming. That will not be a problem with Brother CS6000I as it does the threading automatically. It helps you get started quickly.

LED Lighting – The LED lighting helps illuminate the workspace to enable you to work even in a dim-lit room.

Adjustable stitch length and width – the stitch length and width can be adjusted so that you sew various patterns and techniques, including topstitching, edge stitching, and more.

Free arm – sewing tubular and cylindrical parts of your garments is quite cumbersome. However, with the free arm capability, it becomes an easy task. Sewing parts such as sleeves, cuffs, pant hems, and other similar pieces becomes possible with this feature.

Reverse stitching – the Brother CS6000I has a reverse lever that allows you to sew in reverse. Reverse stitching helps in reinforcing stitches for high quality and professional results.

Brother CS6000i Pros and Cons


  • Price – it is highly affordable and requires minimum maintenance.
  • Easy to use – it is easier operating it with its computerized features and display.
  • Portable – it is a lightweight sewing machine, thus, can be carried from one place to another with transport required.
  • Stitch consistency – this sewing machine is known for its stitch quality and consistency.
  • Workspace illuminated – the LED light provides enough light on the workspace. You will not need any other source of light.
  • Extra-wide table – will enable you to handle quilts and larger projects.


  • Narrow throat – the narrow throat design can be a barrier to free arm capability.
  • Fabric limitation – does not work well with both too thin and too thick materials like leather.
  • Thread tension – needs to be set using a manual dial.
  • Foot pedal sensitivity – the foot pedal is too much sensitive and, therefore, needs to be handled with care.

Singer 7258 Overview

Singer 7258 Sewing & Quilting Machine

  • Built in stitches: 100
  • Speed: 750/Min
  • One-Step Buttonhole: 6
  • Speed control: Mechanical
  • Features: Auto needle threader, LCD screen, LED lighting, Free arm

The Singer 7258 is one of the most popular sewing machines in the market today. It has attracted most customers, thanks to its user-friendliness and its affordability. It is a beginner-excellent sewing machine with tonnes of easy-to-learn and use features. Experts as well find this machine the best choice for their day-to-day sewing activities. Singer 7258 outmatches other sewing machines within its price range in the market.

Singer 7258 comes with several features that will let you accomplish most of your day-to-day sewing projects. It has 100 built-in stitches that you won’t find in other comparable sewing machines. Using these stitches, you can build your arts from scratch with the nine available basic stitches. You can also work on various décor projects utilizing the machine’s twenty decorative stitches. There are other impressive features with this machine including an automatic needle threader, automatic tension, automatic bobbin winder, programmed needle up/down, top drop-in bobbin system, and more. Proceed to the next section for more feature details.

Singer 7258 Key Features

Built-in Stitches – this sewing machine is equipped with a total of 100 built-in stitches. Among these stitches, you get nine basic, eight stretch, 76 decorative stitches, and seven buttonholes. It means that using Singer 7258, you get more decorative options for your varied decorative projects.

Automatic needle threader – the machine comes with an easy-to-use needle threader. You won’t strain to thread your sewing machine since it does it automatically. It is time-saving.

Adjustable stitch length and width –you can easily adjust the stitch parameters to achieve the desired patterns for your craftwork.

LCD Screen – this feature makes the viewing and selection of the available stitches a breeze. With just a touch of a finger, you can select the desired stitch. You can also preview the expected results before outputting them.

Speed controller – too fast or too slow speeds can be uncomfortable for you. Brother CS6000I has a controller that lets you sew at your comfort.

Automatic features – Singer 7258 is an advanced sewing machine equipped with several automatic features. It has an automatic bobbin winder that winds the bobbin without much of your intervention. The automatic stitch length, width, and tension adjustment are lovely. Additionally, the automatic buttonhole will make your uniform-sized buttonholes without stress.

Top drop-in bobbin system – loading the bobbin from the top is considerably easier and efficient compared to side-loading. This sewing machine comes with a top drop-in bobbin system with a transparent cover. The cover allows you to monitor the thread usage to avoid the disappointments that come with running out of the thread in the middle of your project.

 LED Lighting – Singer 7258 comes with two LED lights that offer enough illumination of the workspace. The enhanced lighting will allow you to work even in poorly lit rooms without the need for an extra source of light.

Free arm – you can sew hardtop-reach parts like cuffs, sleeves, collars, and more with ultimate ease.

Singer 7258 Pros and Cons


  • Design – the body has been constructed to offer high durability and reliability.
  • Automatic features – the needle threader, tension, and thread cutter are amazing built-in options that make the machine easy to use,
  • Speed control – lets you sew at the speed of your comfort and for skip-free stitching.
  • LCD screen – it is easy to view and electing stitches and settings using this screen.


  • Foot presser – it does not have the option for manual adjustment.
  • Small stitch width – it has maximum stitch width of 6mm unlike most sewing machines with 7mm.
  • Speed – it is slower as compared to what other comparable sewing machines offer.

Brother CS6000i VS 7258 – Similarities and Differences

The two sewing machines have a series of similarities. They are both computerized with automatic features that give any beginner a hold of confidence before they can invest in sewing. They both have an LCD that allows you to read the selected stitch patterns as well as monitoring them.

The automatic needle threader is another common feature that allows you to thread your machine without any makes the cumbersome manual threading go away by automatically threading through the eye of the needle. You will not strain your eyes threading if you are using any of these sewing machines.

They both come with a top drop-in bobbin system which is easy to use. You will also find it possible to monitor the thread usage through the transparent cover. For this reason, you will not experience the disappointment that comes with running out of the thread in the middle of your sewing task.

Additionally, both Brother CS6000I and Singer 7258 have an easy-to-use speed controller. You will be able to sew at your comfortable speed. They also have a revere lever for reverse stitching for stitch reinforcement and exciting programmable needles. With both machines, you can utilize the available free arm capability to sew parts such as sleeves, cuffs, pant hems, and more.

While both machines have several similarities, they also have some notable differences. These differences will form the basis for your decision-making. Even though they are both lightweight and portable, Brother CS6000I is weighed only 13 pounds compared to the Singer 7258’s 19 pounds. The Brother model is more portable in this case.

The Brother model also comes with a hardcover for protection, while Singer 7258 has a soft cover for similar purposes. Another variation is the number of built-in stitches. While Singer 7258 has 100 built-in stitches, its counterpart has 60 built-in stitches. However, any beginner would not be interested in too many built-in stitches.

Singer 7258 has a wide array of decorative stitches, while the Brother model has more quilting stitches. The Brother CS6000I is best for home use, while Singer 7258 suits both beginners and professionals as well. The stitch sizes also vary for the two models. Singer 7258 has a maximum stitch length of 7mm, while Brother CS6000I has a maximum stitch length of 6mm.

The sewing speed of the two sewing machines is another significant difference. The Brother CS6000I can deliver up to 850 stitches per minute, while its rival has a maximum stitch rate of 750 stitches per minute. This difference is a significant deciding factor when it comes to the better option.

Brother CS6000i VS 7258 FAQs

  • Which one between the two machines has more stitches?

Singer 7258 comes with 100 built-in stitches, while Brother CS6000I has only 60 built-in stitches.

  • Which one between Brother CS6000I and Singer 7258 is best for quilting?

Brother CS6000I wins here. It comes with a quilting table not found in Singer 7258. Even though it is a sewing machine for handling basic sewing projects, Brother CS6000I is sufficient to meet the needs of new quilters.

  • Which one between them is faster?

In terms of speed, Brother CS6000I wins going up to a maximum speed of 850 stitches per second. On the other hand, Singer 7258 is 100 stitches per minute slower than its rival.

  • Which one is noisier between the two sewing machines?

Both sewing machines relatively quiet and will not irritate when operating at their top speeds.

  • Which one between Brother CS6000I and Singer 7258 is more versatile?

With more stitches, Singer 7258 will widen your creativity. It offers you more in the stitching line. However, Brother CS6000I offers more to do with quilting.

Brother CS6000i VS 7258 Final Verdict 

Both these sewing machines are independently good. Their performance is unchallenged giving professional results. For that reason, you cannot pick a clear winner but considering their feature and functionality difference you will be able to pick your most preferred model. In general, it is both an easy and difficult task choosing between them. the only thing is that you won’t go wrong with any of them.

Brother CS6000I is a top-selling sewing machine in the market with high customer ratings. It comes with a competitive price alongside great features. The Singer 7258, on the other hand, is one of the best Singer sewing machines available. Just like brother CS6000I, it also offers an extensive section of features and accessories.

For your right pick, you need to take your sewing needs into account. If you need a great machine for quilting and accomplish larger projects, then go for Brother CS6000I. For more decorative stitches, Singer 7258 will make your better choice. At the price point, if you are on a budget-tight schedule Brother CS6000I will save you some dosh.

Hopefully, the information you have found in this Brother CS6000i VS 7258 comparison guide will help you make an informed choice.