Brother PE800 VS SE1900 Comparison – Similarities & Differences

Brother PE800 vs SE1900

This is a comprehensive comparison guide that features two great sewing and embroidery machines. This Brother PE800 VS SE1900 hopefully helps you to make an informed buying decision.

Do you want to invest in the world of sewing or embroidery? If so, you need to make a personal judgment on what kind of a machine you should use as far as quality and professional projects are concerned. It can be possible for you to do it with your hands, but one sure thing is that it would take you a long time. And the physical commitment demanded. It is also a limitation to your creativity to a certain degree compared to projects done with a sewing machine. And this is why we are taking you through this comparison article to help you make the right choice for a reliable machine. Your search must have led you down to the two brother models, Brother PE800 VS SE1900. The two are very much identical such that you may find it hard to make a distinction. It is simply due to the nature of the product. Both belong to the same manufacturer, therefore, share a wide range of identical characteristics.  Our Brother PE800 VS SE1900 comparison guide gives you an honest and satisfactory comparison between the two models. Beginners find it hard to make a distinction between the two, unlike long-term experts who have had exposure to such machines before. Since we will cover their similarities and differences in a much detailed format, you can make an informed choice between these sewing machines we are about to compare.

Brother PE800 VS SE1900 Comparison Table


Brother PE800 Overview

Brother PE800

This computerized embroidery model is designed to bring your embroidery to the next level. With Brother PE800, you can create incredible designs. This is one of the best performing embroidery machines designed with total customers’ satisfaction in mind. With a 5” × 7”  embroidery field, you can select and preview designs on the large color touch display screen. Choose from 138 built-in embroidery designs or otherwise import your own from or other sources.

Additionally, PE800’s 138 built-in designs include ten frame designs and eleven built-in fonts. Using design editing features, you can customize your projects to your desired or customers’ preferred style. You can choose to rotate, insert mirror-image, reduce or increase the size of the design, and preview your selected design right on the color LCD before stitching. The workspace is well illuminated with a LED light to ensure stability when working on dim-lit areas and darker fabrics.

The USB connectivity feature allows you to import more custom designs. The PE800 is easy to set up and thread. The machine comes with a couple of numbered threading diagrams printed just right on it. Then with the automatic needle threader and the quick-set drop-in bobbin, the thread is just pushed through the needle eye effortlessly.

With the help of step-by-step tutorials right on the LCD screen, you can set up the machine within just a few minutes. Topics include how to thread the machine, how to attach the embroidery arm and move it. It is a convenient model suitable for both beginners and professional embroiders looking for a fast, versatile and dedicated embroidery machine. You also have an assured 25-year limited warranty support for the life of your product.

Brother PE800 Key Features

USB connectivity – to deliver dazzling projects, you need to utilize a wide range of embroidery designs. The USB capability in PE800 allows you to import additional embroidery designs from and other sources into your machine.

LED Lighting Work Area- Brother PE800 allows you to comfortably stitch your embroideries even in dim-lit areas and when dealing with darker fabrics. The LED light will ensure that you sew precisely especially when embroidering patterns and designs.

Stitch speed – this machine is designed with a speed of 650 stitches per minute. This speed allows you to deliver your embroidery projects on time.

Embroidery area – the work area is quite spacious. It is five inches wide and seven inches long to provide you with enough room to fit both smaller and bigger fabrics and work with ease. The PE800 additional 5” by 12” inches hoop helps you combine your designs to avoid re-hooping.

Embroidery designs – moreover, this embroidery machine has 138 built-in designs. With these embroidery designs, you can create quite stylish projects with this machine. These designs consist of floral and seasonal as well as 10-frame styles and 14 stitch patterns.  With the help of a 3.2” LCD touch screen display, you can edit all of them to your desired style and preview them before stitching them on.  You can rotate, flip or change the colors or elongate.

11-font styles – PE800 consist of 11 monogramming fonts that include  7 English, 3 Japanese, and 1 Cyrillic. You can utilize these letterings to add a personal touch to your creations.

Warranty –  Brother PE800 is backed with an extensive 25-year warranty from the date of purchase. Within this period, your machine is maintained in case of any malfunctions. This gives you confidence using the machine. Limitation to this warranty comes when the machine damage or malfunctioning is a user error or the abuse of the machine.

Brother PE800 Pros and Cons


  • Large LCD touchscreen – PE800 allows you to select and preview designs of your choice before stitching.
  • LED lighting – this machine has a well-illuminated workspace to allow you to work in dim-lit rooms and darker fabrics.
  • 130-embroidery designs – this machine comes with this beautiful feature including; floral, holiday, decorative designs, and more.
  • Automatic needle threader –
  •  you don’t have to struggle much to thread your machine. The automatic feature does it for you.
  • Wide embroidery area – comes in handy when handling larger projects.


  • Embroidery-only machine – PE800 is an embroidery machine only.
  • Not for more than 3mm thick fabrics – the machine is capable of handling fabrics not more than 3mm thick.
  • No included embroidery software – Brother PE800 does support digitizing software. So you will have to buy it as an extra shall you need it.

Brother SE1900 Overview

brother se1900

If you are interested in doing sewings for your customers at the place of your comfort, then you need to get Brother SE1900 for this purpose. This is an upgrade to the SE1800 model. It is a combo model embroidery machine. However, it is a computerized dual-purpose machine able to serve you professional-looking projects. It is designed with exciting and innovative features that are easy to utilize for high creative projects. Brother SE1900 can take your embroidery projects to the next level. Furthermore,  Brother SE1900 is a versatile machine that has a superior stitch quality for both sewing and embroidering. It also has stitches and features that you only usually find on higher-end sewing and embroidery machines. With a wide 5’’ × 7’’ work area, you can produce larger designs with ease.

In addition to 240 built-in embroidery designs, there are 138 additional built-in embroidery designs to add to your designs. Otherwise, if you want more additional features, the USB built-in side port allows you to import designs you created or find from external sources. Among its’ accessories are sewing accessories, embroidery accessories, needles, and tools accessories which include; 4 bobbins, 4-spool caps, and extra spool pin contraption for twin needle sewing, spool net, and scissors, among others.

Just like the counterpart, this model comes with an LCD touch display for selecting desired stitches or embroidery designs for your projects. This is also an important tool to make a preview of your designs before stitching. This machine is packed with a limited 25-year warranty.

Brother SE1900 Key Features

USB capability – sometimes you may get tired of old fashion designs or maybe you don’t like them. With this feature, you will plug in your USB flash drive to transfer your design to the machine and start stitching. You can also import from or any other sources.

Advanced Needle Threader and Top Drop-in Bobbin – SE1900 comes with an automatic needle threader to ensure you don’t strain your eyes. This is also good in saving time for the process is done within seconds and no effort required from you. It also has an advanced jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin system.

Built-in stitches – this machine comes with  240 unique built-in sewing stitches which are most decorative allowing you to customize your possibilities. With the help of the My Custom Stitch function, you can also create your stitch type and save it on your machine’s internal memory for future use.

Embroidery and stitch speed – Brother SE1900 amazing speed of 650 stitches per minute gives it an impressive duty performance while handling embroidery tasks. However, there is an additional increase in stitch speed when sewing. The speed rises to 850 stitches per minute. No wonder, with this speed the machine can withstand and make precise and crisp sewing.

Large color LCD-touchscreen – with SE1900 it is important to preview your designs and stitches before starting any new embroidery project and sewing. This is made possible using the display touch screen you will be able to make preview designs and stitches with ease.

LED light – it is bright enough to illuminate your work area even at nighttime. Dark fabrics shouldn’t cause you any trouble either. However, it will help you to be more precise when sewing on embroidery patterns and designs.

Presser foot pressure – eight different included presser feet offer you the possibility to create various sewing projects while using fabrics of varying characteristics like thickness or toughness. Brother SE1900 has an adjustable presser foot presser to allow you to handle even the finest and thinnest fabrics.

Brother SE1900 Pros and Cons


  • Sewing and embroidery – SE1900 is a combo that does both sewing and embroidering tasks.
  • A Large embroidering space – the 5″x7″ embroidery will let you create large designs or combine smaller ones with ease.
  • Thread sensor – which alerts you when your thread is about to run out.
  • A Large LCD touchscreen – it is designed to allow you to view and adjust your design before you start stitching.
  • LED lighting – this another premium feature that allows working in dim lit areas and darker fabrics.
  • Automatic needle threader – no need to strain your eyes anymore trying to thread the needle through the eye while this computerized model does it for you.
  • 240-decorative stitches – this machine offers you 240 useful decorative stitches.


  • Hard to learn and use – for beginners, it will take a bit longer time to familiarize with the machine because this is a combo model.

High-speed consequences – it results in needle breakage when operating at high speed.

 Brother PE800 VS SE1900 – Similarities and Differences

These two models have more identical features than their differences. Both machines have a maximum embroidery area of 5″x7″ to allow you to handle larger projects easily. They also come with a sewing start/stop button. Both come with an LCD touch screen display for selecting and previewing designs before stitching. Common between them is the number of built-in embroidery designs, 138 each, and 11 embroidery fonts. They both have an automatic needle threader, pattern rotation, top drop-in bobbin, needle position key, and automatic thread cutter. USB port for importing additional designs.

The two models have a well-illuminated area. They have a LED light that lets you work effectively in a dim-lit area and also darker fabrics. Have the above mentioned similar features make the two machine ideal. To be sincere, the difference between the two PE800 and SE1900 is not that big in terms of embroidery features and functions. The only difference between the two models is the sewing features. PE800 is only an embroidery machine while SE1900 is a combo machine; this means that PE800 will miss out on basic sewing features that come with SE1900. SE1900 has 240 stitches which are not there in PE800. SE1900 also has a speed control slider to control the sewing speed, but for the case of PE800, you can use a touch screen.

Brother PE800 VS SE1900 – FAQs

How does the price of the two machines compare?

Brother SE1900 is a combo model and thus priced higher than its competitor PE800.

How can you upload a design to the Two Brothers?

Yes, you can upload your designs using the built-in USB port.

Is Brother PE800 better than SE1900 in sewing or embroidery?

Brother PE800 is an embroidery-only machine, while SE1900 handles both sewing and embroidering tasks.

How does the warranty of the two models compare?

Both machines are backed with a 25-year limited warranty.

Brother PE800 VS SE1900 – Final Verdict 

In conclusion, both Brothers are high-performing models suitable for handling professional-looking projects. They are easy to set up and operate. Depending on the choice and pick you made, both machines are remarkable and never disappoint.

You are required to make a more informed choice considering the nature of your projects. You need to realize a present gap. When dealing with pure embroidery, then you should consider picking Brother PE800. However, for both embroidery and mini sewing, it is worth picking Brother SE1900.  For this combination, Brother SE1900 is a bit priced higher than its’ counterpart PE800.

Having gone through Brother PE800 VS SE1900 comparison guide, you are now free to start your journey to market to pick your most preferred machine. All the best!