Singer 9960 VS 9980 Comparison – Which Is The Best?

Singer 9960 vs 9980

Snger 9960 vs 9980

Are you looking to purchase a high-quality computerized sewing machine? If you are at the crossroads asking yourself: which one is the best for your upcoming sewing projects, then this is your guide. Well, it is true that picking one out of many sewing machines available in the market is no easy task. Now that you are on this page, you must have narrowed down your search to compare the two Singer brands, Singer 9960 VS 9980. These two machines belong to the Quantum Stylist family of the Singer brand. The singer has never disappointed in terms of the production of high-performing sewing machines. For this reason, it has won the hearts of many home sewing enthusiasts and garnered countless reviews across online stores.

As a sewist, owning a home sewing machine comes with a lot of advantages. You can sew in your leisure time and make your home décor. Singer Quantum stylists are impressive sewing machines excellent for decorative creations. Both the Singer 9960 and 9980 will take your sewing experience to a whole next level. They are designed and built with the most user decorative needs in mind. The two share a lot of similar features and are highly versatile. Choosing between these two is not reasonably hard. Read through this Singer 9960 VS 9980 to understand the differences that will help you make an informed decision.

Singer 9960 VS 9980 Comparison Table


Singer 9960 Overview


The Singer 9960 is one of the most loved sewing machines in the sewing industry. It comes with 600 highly versatile built-in stitch options. These stitches are easy to select and use. Additionally, it uses an electronic twin needle, has an automatic needle threader, LCD screen, and a free arm. These features make the sewing machine an excellent choice for beginners but can be used by experts for professional sewing needs.

This sewing machine comes with an extra extension table. It is, therefore, suitable for quilting and handling larger sewing projects. Singer sewing machines are known to be of the heavy-duty class with a stronger motor when compared with other ordinary sewing machines. Singer 9960 is not left out. Its body is built of a heavy-duty metal frame that provides rigid support when handling extreme projects. It is capable of handling a wide variety of fabrics ranging from lightweight to heavyweight types. The sewing machine can create 850 clean and professional sewing stitches while ensuring stitch consistency.

Let’s look at the most highlighting features of this impressive sewing machine.

Singer 9960 Key Features

Built-in stitches – the Singer 9960 comes with a total of 600 built-in stitches. These might seem less compared to other Quantum Stylists but they include all that you need to get does with your project. These options include 13 one-step buttonholes for easier and quicker creation of uniform-sized buttonholes.

Automatic Needle Threader – beginners and experts alike would not want to miss the easy and quick threading approach. The automatic needle threader will allow you to quickly get started. Once you step on the foot, the machine will automatically thread your needle without much of your intervention.

Extension Table – Singer 9960 comes with an extra extension table that enables you to work on even bigger projects without worrying about the size of the work area.

LCD Screen – the LCD screen allows you to view the selected stitches, make changes, and view the presser settings appropriate for a given material.

Speed – with a strong motor and sturdy machine’s posture, it can create up to 850 stitches within one minute. It, therefore, can handle most of your projects quicker to allow you to meet the deadlines.

Free arm capability – the free arm feature comes in handy when dealing with hard-to-reach parts of your project pieces. It enables you to sew areas such as pant hems, collar cuffs, shirt sleeves, and other cylindrical sections with ultimate ease.

Reverse Lever – the reverse lever allows you to sew in reverse to ensure quality stitches through reinforcement

Singer 9960 Pros and Cons


  • Automatic needle threader – you are saved off stress and strain related to manual threading. Automatic needle threading is superfast and saves you a lot of time.
  • Thread cutter – you will not require any extra pair of cutting scissors since the thread cutter ensures that your seams are trimmed to give a professional finish.
  • Price –the machine is reasonably priced and can be afforded by most sewists. It is an economical sewing machine for many.
  • Extension table – unlike Singer 9980, this one comes with an extra extension table that will allow you to work on larger sewing projects.
  • Built-in stitches – the 600 available stitches means you can get enough of any kind of stitch, including decorative stitches, to ensure that you perfect your sewing experience and results.


  • Weight – with a weight of 20 pounds, this sewing machine is heavy and cannot be carried from one place to another with ease.
  • Presser foot pressure – manual adjustments for the presser foot pressure are not provided. So, once you have set it, you can use it without adjusting.
  • Touch screen not included – it is a bit hard task using the machine’s controls without a touch screen.
  • The emergence of new products – newer models have arrived on the market making this Singer 9960 look like an obsolete one.

Singer 9980 Overview

Singer 9980

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9980 is still newer in the market but is one of the most promising as far as performance and deliverability is concerned. With over 800 versatile stitch options, remarkable speed, and generally high-quality finish, this sewing machine is unsurprisingly one of the top-selling models in the market today.

It is an advanced sewing machine that can accommodate both experts and beginner sewists, thanks to its accessibility and the ease of use that offers what these two types of users would seek in a sewing machine. The non-volatile memory that comes with this machine will enable you to save your stitches for easy access when handling similar projects later. Other advanced features include the start/stop button, automatic needle threader, 13 presser feet, and needle control, among others. All these features make this sewing machine an easy to use type

To sum up all, this sewing machine has all the advanced features that you may need in a sewing machine, and without doubt, this highly durable model will be your next sewing friend.

Let’s take a closer look at this machine’s key features and what it has to offer.

Singer 9980 Key Features

Built-in stitches – it surpasses your expectations by including 820 stitches but not just a few hundred. These include 776 decorative stitches, ten basic stitches, 13 buttonholes, five alphabets, and 21 stretch stitches. You may not need all of these decorative stitches, but the basic stitches will do if you are a beginner or someone who likes to experiment with new designs. Quilters, however, find every stitch an essential stitch here.

Memory – Singer 9980 offers a stitch memory that saves your customized designs and patterns for the creative flow of your craft designs. These stitches can be chosen and even edited later if the need arises.

Automatic needle threader – manual threading is a traditional way of doing things. Run your project smoothly with an automatic needle threader. With this machine, you will find that it is easier to thread your needle, and therefore getting started becomes fast. There is no waste of time and stress related to manual threading.

Controls – Singer 9980 gives you total control of the operations with just a touch of a button. The start/stop button is used to start the machine while the stop button stops it. You will not need to use the foot. Additionally, the stitching speed can also be controlled using speed control. Speed control is ideal for beginners as it allows them to start slow as they increase. And lastly, the reverse button. This feature lets you stitch in reverse for fastened and secured stitches at the start and the end of your seams.

Accessories –Singer 9980 comes with a bunch of essential accessories. You will be able to have bobbins, needles, seam ripper, auxiliary spool pin, a spool pin felt, and a lint brush, among others. You will also get screwdrivers, an edge quilting guide, and thread spool caps along a dust cover to protect your machine from dust when not using it.

Presser feet options – a presser foot is necessary for holding the fabric flat onto the feed while sewing. This feature often goes unnoticed, yet it is one of the most incredible components. It ensures professional sewing results at all times. The Singer 9980 also comes with 13 versatile presser feet which makes it suitable for a wide range of projects.

Singer 9980 Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use – with adjustable advanced features, this sewing machine can be used by both experienced and beginner sewists without any problem.
  • Sewing assistant – the built-in sewing assistant will help you in preparation for the completion of your projects.
  • Stitch options – a large number of available stitches will suit any project that comes to your mind.
  • Automated features – the automatic needle threader and thread cutter simplify the tasking activities while sewing with this machine.
  • Accessories – it comes with a wide array of accessories that are useful in your daily sewing needs.
  • LED lighting – unlike most mechanical sewing machines, this model comes with a bright LED-lit work area. You can be able to work even in a dark room without worrying about an extra source of light.


Price –Singer 9980 will require you to spend a fortune. Otherwise, you will not purchase with a few bucks.

Bobbins – Singer 9980 works well with the Singer bobbins only. That might sound like an exaggeration, but trying out with other types will lead to snagging, and the machine is likely to malfunction.

Features – there some electronic features which are difficult to learn.

Singer 9960 VS 9980 – Similarities and Differences

Both machines use the same DC motor and are built of a heavy-duty metal frame. They also have a common LCD color and their sizes match. Getting started with the two machines is made relatively fast and easy, thanks to their automatic needle threader and the top drop-in bobbin system. These features make your sewing machine easy to use and productive.

The machine’s speed is also an important consideration to take into account. Both Singer 9960 and 9980 offer impressive 850 stitches per minute. This is peed is enough to accomplish your projects within time without compromising quality. They are packed with a lot of advanced features that make sewing fun. These features can be learned by a beginner within a very short time.

Even though the two machines share a wide range of similarities, their design and layout give an obvious difference between them. On the first look, you will realize that there is a big difference in the position of the LCD screen and the control buttons for the two Singers. Singer 9960 comes in white color whereas 9980 comes in blue.

The number of built-in stitches gives Singer 9980 a straight win with a total of 820 built-in stitches. Singer 9960 will avail only 600 built-in stitches. The difference in these stitches narrows down to the number of decorative stitches, the number of basic sewing stitches and the buttonhole stitches is the same. Therefore, if you are not interested in the extra number of decorative stitches, Singer 9960 will still be your good option.

The two sewing machines have different types of controls and buttons. While Singer 9960 relies on ordinary buttons for navigation, Singer 9980 uses arrow buttons.

Singer 9960 VS 9980 – FAQs

  • Which between these two has a longer warranty period?

The singer has maintained its reputation in the production of high-quality sewing machines. These machines are backed with a long warranty period. Both Singer 9960 and 9980 come with a 25-year warranty.

  • Which one between Singer 9960 and 9980 is best for quilting?

With an extra extension table, Singer 9960 is the most ideal one for quilting. Quilting generally is a bigger project and requires an extensive work area.

  • Which one between these two is suitable for beginners?

The two sewing machines come with automated features that are easy to understand and use. This makes them suitable for beginners.

Singer 9960 VS 9980 – Final Verdict

The two machines have proved excellent for beginners and professionals as well. For those interested in making home decorations, these sewing machines have a lot to offer. In terms of quality and performance, they are among the popular sewing machines. At long last, you will need to pick only one between them. The question remains; which one?

If you are looking for an extensive stitch option, then you will go for Singer 9980. Otherwise, 9960 will still see to your needs compared with most other available sewing machines. This means, choosing Singer 9980 offers you additional decorative stitches. On the other hand, if you don’t have a problem with saving stitch options, Singer 9960 will offer you an extra-wide table to handle even larger projects, including quilting.

For these reasons, we can only advise you that, unless you are pretty sure that you will need extra decorative stitches, Singer 9960 would be your best economical option. Singer 9960 is less priced than 9980 and will not require you to acquire an extension table for big heavier projects.

Now that you have gone through our detailed Singer 9960 VS 9980 comparison guide, we believe that you have understood and known the best based on your sewing needs.