Vitamix A2500 vs 5200 Comparison Guide – Choosing The Best!

Vitamix A2500 vs 5200

Want to compare Vitamix A2500 vs 5200 blenders? If so, then this guide is for you. Vitamix blenders are mostly known for their high performance and high-quality blends. Setting out to purchase a Vitamix blender can be difficult given a wide range of options to choose from. Vitamix will avail several blender models with extensive similarities in features and performance. If your search has come down to picking the better between Vitamix A2500 and 5200 then here is an in-depth Vitamix A2500 vs 5200 comparison guide that will give you the answers you need to make an informed choice.

Looking at the two models, it’s highly probable that they possess several similar features since they both belong to the same Vitamix family- the Ascent Series.  They are both great performers when it comes to blending. This guide will provide details on the features of each blender model citing their similarities and differences. Read through to the last part and be sure to make a choice you will never regret.

Vitamix A2500 Overview

Vitamix A2500

Vitamix A2500 belongs to the advanced Vitamix Ascent Series. It measures 11 by 8 by 17 inches and weighing 11.86 lbs. it has a well-designed low-profile 64 oz. that processes medium batches making it perfect for use in medium-sized families. This blender features a powerful 2.2 hp motor. It is therefore considered a true workhorse as it handles nearly any ingredient thrown its way regardless of how hard the ingredient is. It has easy to use pre-set program settings dedicated to the preparation of Frozen Desserts, Hot soups, Smoothies. Cleaning it is also a task made easy as you would only require to add warm water and a few drops of soap dish then blend them at its highest speed for about 30 seconds. It has 10 variable speeds and a pulse features important for fine-tuning the blending texture.

Vitamix A2500 Major Features

Motor Power

The blender’s heart lies at the motor power. Before making any choice for your next blender it is a critical move considering the motor power. This model comes with a 2.2 hp motor that pushes the blades to cut through nearly any ingredient regardless of how soft or hard they are.

Program Settings

Most people would prefer a blender that is easy and convenient to use. Vitamix A2500 comes with 3 pre-set programs dedicated to the preparation of Hot Soup, Frozen Desserts, and Smoothies. The programs enable you to prepare these blends efficiently and within a very short time.


The Vitamix A2500 gives you full control over the blending process. It has three dials for 10 variable speeds, the pulse feature, and the on/off switch which are all easy to use. The 10-speed s can be varied from 1 being at the lowest to 10 the highest depending on the kind and the hardness of the ingredient being handled. The pulse feature when activated too allows the blender to perform coarse chops over your ingredients to ease the blending process for uniform blend texture.

Built-in Wireless Connectivity         

The Vitamix A2500 is considered a smart and efficient blender. The wireless connectivity allows it to recognize any container placed on it.  It also adjusts the program settings as well as the maximum blending time depending on the recipe handled by any particular container. This distinct feature places A2500 in the frontline of the best blenders in the market today.


Cleaning is a day to day practice as part of the maintenance approach that will see your blender last to serve you for a reasonable period. While it may be taxing, cleaning your blender after every use is greatly advised. This Vitamix A2500 however is easy to clean. You are only required to fill the container with warm water and a few drop of the soap dish and blend the mixture at the blender’s highest speed for about 30 seconds.

Digital Timer

Vitamix 2500 presents a lot of efficiency in blending with its digital timer. No more guesswork when blending using this model.  The Digital Timer feature allows you to set the maximum blending and walk away. The timer automatically switches off the blender as per the feed instructions. This is a very important feature for a timesaving blender.

Pair with Vitamix Perfect Blend App

Vitamix A2500 with its advanced wireless connectivity can be easily paired with the Android and iOS Blending App. This enables the blender to realize its full potential by accessing over 500 recipes and 17 more programs. You can, therefore, be able to process a wide range of recipes without any problem.

Pair with Any SELF-DECTECTTM Containers

Working with a more than one different sized container is made easy as this blender is fitted with a self-detect technology that recognizes any container placed on it. The auto-detect capability adjusts the blender settings for any particular container placed on it. The adjustments include the maximum blending time and the program settings for some specific recipes.


You will work around with your blender with total confidence knowing that your blending tool is covered. The Vitamix offers you an extensive warranty going up to 10 years. While this warranty still holds, your blender is covered from all parts, labor, performance, and shipping costs in case your blender needs repair. This offer is great considering that most other blenders from Vitamix come with a shorter warranty period.


Vitamix A2500 packaging includes a 2.2 hp Motor Base, a 64-ounce Low-Profile Container, and an S2 Low-Profile Tamper. Additionally, there is a getting started Cookbook that will help you start blending with your blender as soon as you unpack and assemble it. Looking into the accessories package before choosing a blender is another important practice.

Vitamix 5200 Overview

Vitamix A2500 vs 5200

Vitamix 5200 is one of the most popular models from the Ascent is shown by the large positive customer reviews that despite it being an older model, it still in the bestseller frontline in the market today. It’s considered a highly durable, convenient, and versatile blender model. Despite Vitamix ushering in some new models in the market, most customers have remained loyal to this blender. This model comes with a 2 hp motor whose power despite being slightly less than that of the newer model can still be enough to handle even the hardest ingredients.

For efficiency and durability, the blender’s motor base is fitted with a cooling system that prevents the blender from overheating and a thermal sensor that automatically switches it off in case of extreme heat. You will always find the blending process significantly awesome as this model offers you total control over it. This is possible with the blender’s 10 variable speed controls and a pulse feature. These controls allow you to fine-tune your blend texture in a user friendly and very efficient. It also has a high-profile 64 oz. container perfect for standard and large family meals. The container however poses a considerable challenge placing it under the kitchen cabinets but you can easily place it on the countertops with ultimate ease.

Vitamix 5200 Key Features

Motor Power

Motor power plays a major role in the performance of any blender. You will always want to go for that blender offering you the advantage of stronger motor power. Vitamix 5200 comes with a 2 hop motor. This motor power is capable of handling even hard ingredients as well as soft ones. The cooling system and the thermal sensor protects the blender from the damages due to overheating by cooling it or switching it off in case of excess heat.


The design size, shape, and capacity of a blender container one of the frontline considerations made before acquiring a blender. Vitamix 5200 has a 64 oz. container designed perfectly for blending large batches. This makes it very ideal for standard family use.  The container presents difficulty fitting under most kitchen cabinet but can be placed on the countertop fittings with ease.


Navigate through the easy to use and convenient controls to monitor and fine-tune your blend texture. This is only possible with the blender’s 10 variable speeds ranging from the lowest at 1 and the highest at 10 and the pulse feature that allows the blender to chop over the ingredient for uniform blending and finer texture. The variable speeds are very important when dealing with ingredients with different hardness.


This model is made of Hardened stainless steel designed to cut even the toughest ingredients. It ensures that there is a uniform blend of texture and quality from the start to the end. The motor is capable of propelling the blades at 37000RPM enough to give your blending results within the shortest time possible.


You should always consider cleaning your blender as one of the primary maintenance practices. While cleaning the older models it can be more tedious, this model however presents an efficient self-cleaning feature. This requires you to only fill it with warm water and a few drops of soap dish then turn on the blender as you adjust its speed gradually to the maximum for about 30 seconds. This will see your blender sparkly clean with the least of your effort. You will then wipe it dry or leave it to dry on its own.


Purchasing this blender offers you a 7-year warranty considered worthy of the cost of the blender. The warranty covers all the parts of the blender, performance, labor, and the cost encountered in cases where you need to fix some malfunctions or to repair the blender. This warranty is transferable in the sense that it can apply to a second-hand blender without question.

Vitamix A2500 vs 5200 – Similarities and Differences

Each blender in its way is a great blending tool. Despite some major differences, the two share some common features. Cleaning either of the two is a task made easy with the self-cleaning feature that only requires you to blend a mixture of warm water and a few drops of dish soap for about 30seconds to clean it.

Moreover, they both present easy to use controls with 10 variable speeds and the pulse feature that allows you to fine-tune the blend texture to suit your requirement. The blades for both blenders are made of hardened stainless steel that is strong enough to cut through almost any ingredient thrown its way for uniform blend texture.

On the other hand, the gap that depicts the difference between these two models is considerably big though some dissimilarities don’t affect the results and performance of the two blenders. The Vitamix A2500 has self-detect technology that gives it the ability to recognize and adjust the program’s settings for any container placed on it. This feature is not present in the Vitamix 5200. Again, it is easier to prepare Frozen Desserts, Hot Soups, and Smoothies using the Vitamix A2500 since it has three special programs designed for the preparation of these three blends. Its rival is manual and doesn’t have these programs.

Additionally, the digital timer is another significant difference between the two that is only found in the Vitamix A2500. It eliminates timing guesswork and consequently the mess of over or under processing of recipes. Still, in technological advancement, the Vitamix A2500 can be paired with an amazing blending app that gives it access to extra 500 plus recipes and 17 pre-set programs. Unfortunately, its rival doesn’t have this advancement.

The Vitamix A2500 has a slightly stronger motor as compared to the 5200. It comes with 2.2 hp motor while 5200 comes with 2 hp motor. The two however can handle even the hardest ingredients with ease. The warranty for the two models differs with A2500 having a full 10-year coverage which is 3 years more than that of 5200.

Even though both come with 64 oz. containers they differ in design. The Vitamix A2500 is has a low-profile container that fits under most kitchen cabinets with ease while that of Vitamix 5200 is a high profile that hardly fits under any kitchen cabinets.

Vitamix A2500 vs 5200 – Final Verdict

To wind up our Vitamix A2500 vs 5200 comparison guide, we can proudly say it is beyond proving that despite the gap existing between the two, Vitamix A2500 and 5200 are the frontline models in the blending industry. Your choice here will entirely dwell on personal preferences, budgets, and ease of use.

If you are looking for a very user-friendly blender we would suggest that you pick Vitamix A2500. It serves you the most advanced features but with additional cost.  If adjusting your budget isn’t a big deal then you should not have a second thought.

However, if you are low on the budget the Vitamix 5200 will be your choice but at this point, you will be trading off the technological advancement. It’s advantageous in that you will have saved a little treasure since it is cheaper than the A2500. Though will give you similar final results

In general, if you want to blend most efficiently, conveniently and with ultimate user-friendliness, spending a little more to get Vitamix A2500 would give you more value.