Vitamix A2500 vs E320 Comparison – What You Should Know

Vitamix A2500 vs E320 Comparison – What You Should Know

Going through some troubles trying to purchase the right blender? If you have narrowed down your search to VitamixA2500 vs E320 then this guide is for you. Vitamix has stood the test of time and has proved to be one of the best manufacturer of high quality, reliable, and durable blenders. These two Vitamix blenders have incredible performance when it comes to blending. So, if your search happened to go down to an point of trying to establish the better out of Vitamix A2500 vs E320 you’re reading the right guide for your perfect choice. You will admit that making a choice between the two is quite a hard task.

They are both good performers when it comes to blending despite belonging to two different Vitamix Series. To set things straight we have prepared a comprehensive and an honest Vitamix A2500 vs E320 to help you get the necessary information for the perfect choice. We will discuss the features of the two models to find the similarities and differences between them. Let’s have a look.

Vitamix A2500 Overview

Vitamix A2500

Vitamix A2500 is one of the most popular Vitamix blender model in the market today. It is known for its amazing performance, quality blends, and the reliability it offers. Most of its features are advanced making it a blender that most die for due to its ease of use and user friendliness. It comes with a wireless connectivity that allows it to pair with a rich Android/ iOS blending app to access more recipes and programs settings. Its self-detect feature is another mind-blowing feature that allows it to automatically detect the type of container placed on it and consequently make necessary adjustments for that container.  Talking about using multiple different sized containers, this blender primarily comes with a low-profile 64 oz. container designed to fit under most kitchen cabinets and on the countertops without even a slight challenge.

Vitamix A2500 comes with a 2.2 hp motor that is strong enough to handle even the toughest ingredients. Its stainless steel are also engineered for this purpose. With three pre-set programs you are relieved of preparation of smoothies, Frozen Desserts, and Hot soup. Those few and other features including easy to use controls you will amuse you. What are its major important features? Let’s find out.

Vitamix A2500 Major Features

Self-Detect Technology

If you are working with multiple containers you will find it easy with this blender model. Its self-detect technology allows it to recognize the type of blender and therefore adjust the program settings for that particular container. You will therefore find it possible preparing custom recipe with this blender.

Motor Power

The process of acquiring a new a blender calls for critical considerations. One of the most important things to check is the motor power. A stronger motor power provides amazingly consistent results handling a wide range of ingredients including the toughest ones. The Vitamix A2500 comes with a 2.2 hp motor. This is far much powerful motor that can handle any ingredient regardless of its hardness. It has a thermal sensor and a cooling system fitted under its motor base. The cooling system protects the blender from damages due to overheating by cooling it down while the thermal sensor switches it off in case of considerable overheating.

Program Settings

Prepare your Hot Soup, Frozen Desserts, or delicious Smoothies within seconds using the blender’s 3 amazing pre-set programs dedicated for the three recipes. These programs are a notable score for this model as compared to the older models that needs you to prepare your recipe annually and from scratch.


Work with your blender with a lot of ease. It offers you full control over the blending process. This blender has 10 variable speeds and a pulse feature both used to fine-tune your blend texture. The speeds can be varied from 1 to 10 depending on the kind and how tough the ingredients is.

Pair with Vitamix Perfect Blend App

This blender has a Bluetooth technology that allows it to pair easily with an incredible blending app available for Android and iOS devices. This gives the blender access to extra 17 programs and over 500 comprehensive recipes.

Digital Timer

While working with your blender you won’t be required to be too much close to monitor it. The digital timer simplifies that for you. All you need is to set the maximum blending time for your ingredients and walk away. The timer will automatically switch it off at the set time. It is therefore regarded as convenient and a timesaving blender since the digital timer allows you to handle some other tasks while blending.

Noise Level

Noise level is one of the important consideration taken before buying any blender. This model is expected to be noisy while working. It is true because of its motor power. The noise however cannot really convince you enough to forgo the blender’s motor power and the accompanying capabilities.


The Vitamix offers you an extensive warranty of 10 years for this blender. This is considered a great offer as it gives you full confidence while working around with your blender. The warranty covers all the parts, labor, performance and the shipping costs incurred if there is a need for the blender repair.


A full package of the Vitamix A2500 consists of a 2.2 hp Motor Base, a 64-ounce Low-Profile Container, and an S2 Low-Profile Tamper. It is also easy getting started with an easy to understand cookbook that is included in the package.

Vitamix E320 Overview

vitamix e320

Vitamix E320 is one of the best Vitamix blenders from the Explorian Series. It is among the high performing models in the series. E320 can withstand high blending pressures with its very strong base. Considered more powerful than most Explorian models, it has a peak 2.2 hp motor and a stainless steel blades. This features enables the blender to cut through almost any ingredient notwithstanding the hardness to provide mostly consistent blend textures for home recipes. As it is expected of any Vitamix blender this model delivers great textures and with incredible versatility. The low profile 64 oz. container has been design to be placed under the kitchen cabinets and countertop fittings with utmost ease. This container can be used to prepare medium batches thus is ideal blender for both medium and standard families. The blender also has controls for optimum versatility.

The variable speed control and the pulse feature enables you to blend your ingredients to the desired texture. No need to worry about this blender when it comes to cleaning it. You just need to blend a mixture of warm water and a few drops of dish sap at the blender’s high speed for about 30 seconds.

Vitamix E320 Key Features


Vitamix E320 has the following controls that offers you full control over blending processes offers you full control over the blending process.

On and off switch – This is the common switch for turning the blender on and

Variable speed dial – to get the desired blend texture it is very important to understand the speed requirements for any particular ingredient. Using Vitamix E320 you can vary speeds from low to high that is from 1 to 10, with the 10 being the fastest. You just turn the lever to the appropriate speed. Varying the speed as part of the controlled blending allows you to fine tune your blend smoothness or roughness.

Pulse button – this another important feature especially when handling a mixture of dissimilar ingredients. When this button is hit the blender performs layer coarse chops over smooth purées for better recipes, such as chunky salsas or thick vegetable producing a chunkier consistency.

Motor Power 

Vitamix E320 comes with a 2.2 peak horsepower motor. This is the most attractive feature about this blender. The previous generation of Vitamix blenders has a lower power as compared with this but could still handle the hardest ingredients with ease. The wider base pitcher for this model and the larger blades necessitates the extra 0.2 horsepower so that the motor can be able to push the blades to cut through hard ingredients

Low profile 64 oz. container

The container for this machine is designed with a sleek appearance and can be placed easily under most kitchen cabinets as well as on the countertop fittings. The container can be used to prepare medium batches. It is therefore a great on for standard and medium family use.


You won’t have stress cleaning this blender as it is considered dish washer safe. Add warm water and a soap dish the turn on to its high blending speed. The blender will create an effect enough to clean it within about 30 seconds this saves time as you won’t need to disassemble the blender to clean it.


While we would prefer silence at our homes we do not an option but just bear with your blender’s noise. It’s nearly impossible to find a blender that blends at its highest speed with total silence. The E320 model makes moderately loud noise when blending. This acceptable to justify its motor power that on its aspect is a lovely feature.


Purchasing this Vitamix models comes with a full 7-year warranty. The offer covers just about every part of the blender, labour, performance and the shipping costs in cases of transport for necessary repairs. You should always consider the offer that comes with your blender’s warranty.

Vitamix A2500 vs E320 – Similarities and Differences

To further give you n outline of Vitamix A2500 vs E320, here are their similarities and differences. Despite the fact that E320 is in the Explorian family while its competitor is a member of the Ascent series, they share a lot in common. To start with, is their motor powers. The motor power for both the blenders is 2.2 horsepower. They are therefore able to handle any kind of ingredient with ultimate ease. Because of this power, they make noise but not among the loudest blenders.

The self-cleaning capability where you need to blend a mixture of warm water and a few drops of soap dish is also a common thing about the two. Additionally they both have allow profile 64 oz. container that can easily fit under the kitchen cabinets and ideal for medium batch preparation.

Moreover the two models have an interactive user interface that has user friendly and convenient controls which include an on/off switch, the speed control and a pulse feature. The speed and the pulse feature enable you to blend to your texture.

The major differences between the two Vitamix models are mostly with the A2500’s technological advancements. While the Ascent one can detect the kind of container placed on it, the Explorian is not capable of doing that. The self-detect technology is only available with the A2500. Additionally, the wireless connectivity as in the case of A2500 enables unlock the blender’s potentially by giving it access to extra pre-set programs and  recipes by paining with an incredible Android/ iOS  blending app.

Programs settings found in the A2500 cannot be availed by the E320. This is a great score for the A2500. The warranty for both models again differ by 3 years with E320 having a7-year while the rival has a full 10-year warranty. Another difference between the two models is that, you will always find using the A2500 a bit convenient and easy. It has a digital timer that allows you to set the maximum blending settings and walk away as it switches it off when the time set is pushed in.

Talking about differences, you should also understand how these affect the blender’s performance and blend quality. It can be clearly stated that, despite all the gapping features the two blenders have no significant difference in terms of delivery and performance. The only aspect affected is the ease of use, efficiency, and the blender’s convenience otherwise E320 and 2500 are both great and you can’t go wrong with any.

Vitamix A2500 vs E320 – Final Verdict

Having gone through this detailed guide and understood the differences between the two, it is now your turn to opt for the better but remember both blenders are worth it.

If you ask for our opinion for the better pick, Vitamix A2500 has it all. With this blender you get to enjoy most advanced features. The program settings, the self-detect technology, the way it pair with a rich Blending App are the things to die for. For these reasons you would be required to spend an extra dime to get it.

If you’re low on budget your option would be to go for the Vitamix E320 but you’ll be sacrificing on the advanced technology that eases the way you prepare most of your blends.

We hope that you’ve made up your mind for the better pick as per your preferences based on our honest Vitamix A2500 vs E320 comparison guide.