Vitamix E310 vs E320 – The Differences Between 2 Top Blenders!

vitamix e310 vs e320

Vitamix is one of the most renowned brands in the world of home and kitchen appliances. And when it comes to their wide range of blenders, most people are always spoilt for choice when selecting a vitamix blender.  If you happen to be at the crossroads trying to weigh down your options between the Vitamix E310 vs E320, then this guide is for you. Both of these blenders are excellent, something that has seen them surge in popularity. And if you are wondering which one is the best, you have come to the right page since we are going to do the unbiased comparisons between the two.

Vitamix E310 Vs E320 – The Similarities Between Them

 What makes the two of them? Well, a lot. Just like with any other product that is modelled using the same technology, there are a lot of things that are common between Vitamix e310 and Vitamix e320. 

Vitamix – A Big Name in The Market

First things first, you can expect the same satisfying experience from both Vitamix E320 and Vitamix E310 because both are coming from the top brand Vitamix. And as expected from the particular Explorian series, you can make use of this kitchen appliance for any creative works in the kitchen. Below, we will cover a feature-breakdown of these two beasts and help you easily understand them deeply as well as guide you to make an informed buying decision.

Controls Features

Both models have 10-speed controls which you can use to make certain textures of the ingredients in a push of a button. Something that sets them apart from the other types of blenders in the market is that they come with multiple controllers that makes it easy and convenient to operate.

If you want to change the speed of the blade, you don’t need to turn them off first. While they are operating. You can control the speed you need without worrying about any technical glitches.

For instance, if you want to make a pizza dip. You could just add the herbs and mayo to the container and a bit of oil. Then run the blender. While it is operating, open the lid and add other items as you need. Set the speed level as the appliances operate to reach the consistency of the dipping sauce you want. If you don’t need to take a long time to create the dipping sauce, you could just press the pulse button.

The pulse button is helpful for chopping to attain the churns. You can try everything you want in these models.

BPA-free Plastic container

When it comes to the container of the blenders, both are made of BPA-free plastic which is safe and easy to clean.

The Blades

Both appliances also have high-quality hard stainless steel blades. These are the future-proof solutions for all folks that love making blends.

Easy to maintain and clean

The nice design of the E320 and E310 is friendly for busy people. You just need to wash the jar with mild soap and it is good as new. Spray with a mild solution to the exterior to maintain its aesthetics.

But what you won’t want to miss is the self-cleaning feature that both models have. You just need a bit of a dishwasher solution and warm water to clean the blender perfectly. In just a few seconds, your blender’s container will be cleaned well.

Vitamix E310 vs E320 – The Differences!

vitamix e320 vs e310

Now, let the showdown begin. Some say that Vitamix E310 is better since it is more affordable than its big brother. But some say that E320 is the one to choose due to its abundant features. Well, you won’t be making any informative decisions unless you see the differences between the models below.

The Jar Specs

Although both of them are BPA-free plastic, the size and capacity between the two blenders are different.

The E310 has a 48-oz container, which is a bit smaller than Vitamix E320 which comes with a 64-oz container. If you are the type of person that makes huge portions of shakes or other menu, you will definitely be looking for a larger jar, and in that case, the Vitamix E320 will be he mot ideal pick for you.

However, the large size of the E320 jar can also be a double-edged sword. Since the E320 jar is relatively huge, you will need to measure the wide base at the bottom. Vitamix E310 jar will fit under all cabinets because of its smaller size and capacity. Bigger is not always better when it comes to storage, unless your cabinet space isn’t a problem.

There is no absolute winner because it will depend on your kitchen size, volumes of the blends, and whether your storage availability outweighs your need to blend more.

When it comes to the container of the blender, there is no one-size-fits-for-all. For a smaller family, the 48-oz would suit better. The 64-oz can be great for larger family or group sizes. Both models also come with the measurement information in the exterior of the jar.

The scale information seems like simple addition. But it is a clincher. You could use the container easily. There is no need to put the ingredients in the measuring glass before adding them to the jar. All in all, it simplifies a whole lot.

Motors performance

The key to a powerful and reliable blender lies in its motor performance. The motors on these units have such powerful perks that won’t let you down.

Vitamix has considered the top quality motors to empower their blenders. That’s what makes their models better than the competitors in entry-level appliances.

The Vitamix E310 is powered by a 2.0 HP motor, which is powerful enough to make quick blends in a matter of minutes. But what if you can do it more quickly and blend even more with 2.2 HP motors inside the Vitamix E320?

The Vitamix’s white paper says that Vitamix E320 is more powerful than its predecessor, the Vitamix E310, and based on user reviews, nothing could be far from the truth.

The 10% more motor power on Vitamix E320 might improve your output when you are having a small party at home. You will want something that is quick to prepare everything for your guests and members of your family.

In many cases, blending power is the main consideration for most users. The power of the motor says a lot about the blending performance of the particular model.

If you want to have a more powerful blender, then you won’t need to think twice about getting the Vitamix E320. It is the most powerful of the two blenders.

The manufacturer has weighed down this factor seriously. The Vitamix E320 model has a cooling fan and thermal system which prevent overheat when you use it rigorously. On paper, Vitamix E320 is a much better option in terms of heavier use. But if you use your blender moderately, don’t hesitate to choose Vitamix E310.

Again, it will depend on your personal preference.

Blade performance

It is a common science that the blade’s size go hand in hand with the size of the jar. It is because the manufacturers will need to make sure that the blades can take the workload.

The increase of horsepower means to cater to the bulk of ingredients of the larger jar. Because of the large area of the jar, the blades must be larger as well. The blade size of Vitamix E320 is 4 inches. That’s 1 inch longer as compared to the blades of the Vitamix E310 model.

Because of the larger blades, the appliance needs a more powerful motor to drive it which further explains the 2.2 HP motor on the Vitamix E320.

Control settings

Both blenders offer various speeds with the pulse control to give you more control on the appliance. The speed options are very important because they will determine the quality of your blend. As we know, chopping meat and chopping veggies can be difficult depending on the appliance you use. Making milkshake and fruit juices also require different speeds.

The variable speed control allows you to create the specific texture for your blends. It gives you easy control over your blender, making everything possible for you to pull off.

Noise level

Blenders most common issue for most folks is the unbearable noise from the machine when blending. But you won’t need to worry when operating the Vitamix E310 or E320. Both of them have a noise-dampening feature which limits them to 90 decibels noise levels.

If you are living in a house that is a bit spacious, you’ll find that the noises produced by the blenders is very minimal. When you use it at high speed, you can expect the noise level to rise and especially when grinding hard ingredients like carrots and nuts.

But which one is noisier? Vitamix E320 is. The noise level of E320 can be more significant when you use it in harder mode. But if you use it for softer ingredients and less power, the noise level is just almost the same as that produced by Vitamix E310.

The User-Friendly Factors

The last thing you want from your blender is the complexity of using it. Of course, no one wants to go through hard hassles to make blends.

The good thing about both models is that there is no frills. Its design is easy and straightforward. The simple controls are just fingers away. Not to mention that the functions are so intuitive. You don’t even need to read the manual book to get familiar with it, especially if you’ve used a Vitamix blender before.

Of course, you can expect the common buttons and functions such as Power Button, Pulse Switch, as well as variable speed dial.

Prices Tags

As you may have expected, Vitamix E320 is pricier than the predecessor. Well, it is sensible if the brand itself sets this particular price tag. Vitamix E320 is a more futuristic and advanced model with improved blending capabilities. Vitamix E320 has a larger motor for power, a larger jar, as well as larger blades.

But again, bigger does not mean better. That will depend on your sole purpose in using your blender.

Vitamix E310 vs E320 Video Comparison

Which one is heavier, Vitamix E320 or E310?

If you’re guessing that the E320 is heavier, then you are correct. Vitamix E310 is 11.6 lbs. Meanwhile, the latter is 13 lbs.

Now, it might seem not a huge difference. But it will depend on your activity in the kitchen. If you are used to re-arrange the kitchen for various functions, or often having a BBQ party at your patio, you might need to move around your blender. If you are okay with additional 1.4 lbs in the Vitamix E320, then you go for it. But if weight is an important issue for you, then don’t hesitate to pick the Vitamix E310.

Vitamix E310 vs E320 – Final Verdict

If you’re trying to figure out about the best blender between Vitamix E310 vs E320, the answer will be the latter.

The Vitamix E320 is slightly better than Vitamix E310 because of its powerful motor, large jar and in overall performance. It is powered by the 2.2 horsepower motor which can easily chop any hard ingredients, allowing you to attain such desired texture. Meanwhile, E310 has 2 horsepower. I know that for some folks it is not a huge deal. But when you decide to purchase one of them, make sure that you are getting the particular blender with the plan to use it for a long time in the future.

The more powerful Vitamix E320 can be a great deal if you are used to processing a large batch of drinks or blends.

The Vitamix E320 comes with a clincher factor called a certified reconditioned blender. That means the parts will be replaced by the new ones, inside out. The re-certification procedure requires a seventeen points checklist which includes the function and appearance of the appliance.

The manufacturer promises to fix or replace all broken parts including the containers, tampers, lids, pitcher, and more. You might want to look at the manufacturer’s description before getting the one for you.

Last but not least, Vitamix E320 comes with 7 years warranties. On the other side, E310 comes with 5-year warranties. If you’re looking for a more future-proof option, then Vitamix E320 should be your choice.

Hopefully our Vitamix E310 vs E320 guide has been helpful in guiding you towards an informed choice between the two blenders.