Brother 1034D Vs 1034DX Comparison Guide

Brother 1034D vs 1034DX Comparison

When two machines manufactured by the same company get raving reviews by serging enthusiast and industry professionals then you can rest assured it is worth every dime. This is the same case with the Brother 1034D and Brother 1034DX Sergers. However, this can also be very confusing when trying to decide which one to buy. In this Brother 1034D Vs 1034DX comparison guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about the two machines and all you need to make an informed buying decision.

Brother serging and sewing machines have been there for a while, and most have stood the test of time. They are the top-selling machines in the market today. Brother 1034D first hit the market as one of their best Bother sewing machines in terms of performance. Several years later, 1034DX was introduced, with just enough features and capabilities for design alteration. It was adequately efficient as its predecessor. Picking one from the two makes it a difficult task. Let’s delve deep into the Brother 1034D Vs 1034DX comparison.

Brother 1034D Overview

Brother 1034D

Brother 1034D is one of the top-selling sergers sewing machines designed with specific tasks in mind.  It measures 13.2 by 11.7 by 11 inches and is lightweight with a total of 18.1 pounds. Brother 1034D uses 3/4 threads and standard-sized needles. Unlike other sewing machines that you have used before, it has been built to work with heavy-weight materials and fabrics, including linens and other stretchy fabrics. If you have been doing edges and hems traditionally, you will be surprised the first time you set your Brother 1034D on the sewing table. After unpacking, it is always advisable to check the instruction manual and watch the instructional videos that come with it for easier and faster setup.

The Brother 1034D is packed with great features, advanced enough to suit any professional sewer but still simple enough for a beginner.  It has some shortcomings but not enough to disqualify the truth that this model is the best choice for the average user. The stitch speed alongside color-coded threading and the free arm comes in handy when dealing with most of your projects.

Brother 1034D Highlighting Features 

Retractable knife blade – for smooth edges, traditionally would require you to use an ordinary scissor, but 1034D comes with a retractable knife that trims off the edges easily to get a clean and professional finish for all your projects. This blade can be disabled in case you need to leave the seams on.

High Sewing Speed – with enough experience, you can create up to 1300 stitches per minute while still maintaining quality with fantastic finishes. This speed comes in handy when handling many sewing tasks as it will always put you ahead in terms of delivery.

Differential feed – the Brother 1023D comes with a differential feed that can be adjusted to the ratio between 0.7 and 2.0. Depending on the thickness of the fabric being worked on, the differential feed allows you to adjust accordingly. This feature makes Brother 1034D stands out as one of the great sergers.

Free-arm – this machine has a removable compartment that allows you to access the free-arm functionalities. This feature comes in handy when handling tube-shaped garments like sleeves or pant legs and hems. One of the serious headaches that even the sewing experts would confirm is the sewing and serging of such hard-to-reach parts.

Built-in Stitches – featuring a 3 or 4 thread system, this machine avails a total of 22 versatile built-in stitches. These stitches are easy to select and with the presser feet provided, you can achieve various stitches like; narrow hems, ribbon lock stitches, rolled hems, ribbon lock stitches, and three/four-thread overlock. The additional optional presser will enable you to do three more stitches like flatlock, pintuck, and blind hemming.

Adjustable stitch length and width – this machine has adjustable stitch length and width. Therefore, depending on the fabric in its exposure you can narrow or widen these parameters accordingly for quality results. Long stitches will be perfect with thicker fabrics like denim, but thin fabrics like silk will blend in with shorter stitches. Brother 1034D has a maximum stitch length of between 5mm to 7mm and a stitch width of between 1mm to 4mm.

Brother 1034D Pros and Cons


  • Learning is made easy – the bilingual instructional manual packed together with a video makes it easy to understand the machine. It is, therefore, best for beginners and professionals as well.
  • Fair Price – this serger sewing machine is reasonably pricey and can be easily afforded by most people.
  • High speed – brother 1034D can create a total of 1300 stitches per minute.
  • Easy to adjust the tension – the thread tension does not require any technicality to make the adjustments.
  • Extensive warranty period – Brother packages this machine with a 25-year warranty. This is enough to build confidence as well as hone your sewing experience.
  • Helpful Marking – the machine has color and number markings that make threading easy.
  • Excellent machine– it is the best option for beginners, intermediate, and professionals.


  • Lighting –  it has bulb lighting but is not as bright as the LED lighting.
  • Position of the controls – the controls for this serger are placed on the left. This makes it hard for a right-handed person to use
  • Not the best for thick materials – some complained that it was not very effective when handling thick materials or multi-layered fabrics.

Brother 1034DX Overview

Brother is known for the manufacture of a long list of fully-featured sewing machines known for their consistency and sturdiness in the sewing industry. Brother 1034DX is not left out, as it efficiently works on a wide range of fabrics. It suits most user sewing projects, from beginners trying their hands in the industry for the first time to experienced sewing fanatics and professionals working on larger projects. Brother 1034DX is an upgraded version of the 1034D serger machine that features a better lighting area.

This machine comes with features that make it easy to use. The color-coded threading being one of them is helpful when handling projects that require various thread colors. It has a differential feed and, therefore, is considered highly versatile for any assignment given. Brother 1034DX features varied 22 built-in stitch options and various accessories that you can easily employ in your sewing projects.

Generally, Brother 1034DX is a high performer that will see most of your projects done to perfection. Getting it for yourself won’t bring you any regret.

Brother 1034DX Highlighting Features 

Speed – Brother 1034DX sews at a remarkable speed of 1,300 stitches per minute. It might be hard working with such high speed but once you perfect your experience, you will find it super easy sewing at this amazing speed. Depending on the type of fabric you are sewing, speed can be easily adjusted accordingly using a built-in dial.

Built-in Stitches – this machine comes with a total of 22 built-in stitches. This may seem a small number compared with other regular sewing machines with more than 100 stitches and still within the budget. For a serger machine, these are adequate for creating any seam you may need.

Adjustable stitch length and Width – Brother 1034DX comes with adjustable stitch width and length of between 5.0 to 7.0 mm and 2.0 to 4.0mm respectively. These adjustments can be easily made depending on the type of fabric or stitch techniques desired.

Free-arm – regardless of the machine’s size, it still offers free-arm functionality. It has a convertible flatbed which is engaged to allow you to work on tubular pieces with ultimate ease. Sewing pant hems, shirt sleeves, and collar cuffs are made hassle-free with this feature at hand.

Lighting – it comes with bright LED lighting that illuminates the work area enough to work in a dark room without challenge. The LED can be replaced easily with the available Brother spares.

Retractable knife blade – has a knife blade that can be turned on or off depending on your needs. This knife ensures a clean edge for your seams. Edges are trimmed precisely to give professional results.

Differential feed – this feature transforms your Brother 1034DX into a highly versatile serger. It enables you to work on multiple types of fabrics with ease. It is adjusted to accept thick and thin materials without hassle.

Brother 1034DX Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use – to some, this machine may look a bit complex to use in the beginning, but it comes with easy-to-understand and use features.  It is, therefore, no hard for beginners to start using it. The instructional features that come with it are added advantages.
  • Color-coded threading – the threading system is color-coded. This makes it easier to use especially from the beginner and intermediate’s perspective.
  • Reasonably priced – Brother 1034DX has been reasonably priced that any sewing enthusiast will find very affordable. Considering the features it comes with, the price tag cannot convince you otherwise.
  • 3-4 threads – looking at the number of threads is one important thing before purchasing a serger sewing machine. With Brother 1034DX, you get three to four threads that come in handy for your professional results.
  • Speed – the machine’s high speed of 1,300 stitches per minute allows you to complete your serging projects within your time frames.


  • Noise Level – some users have pointed out that this machine produces a lot of noise when working at its maximum speed.
  • Location of controls –   the controls rest on the machine’s right-hand side. This is seen as a shortcoming by left-handed users.
  • No cover stitch capability –   it does not come with either cover stitch or chain stitch capabilities.
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Brother 1034D VS 1034DX – Similarities and Differences 

At the first look, both Brother 1034D and 1034DX looks like 2 identical twin machines. However, if you are familiar with either model, you will immediately point out the differences without any challenge. Considering the quality and performance, the two are excellent options, especially for entry-level users.

Let’s start with similarities. Both machines have a differential feed that enables their high versatility. They also feature color-coded threading and 22 easy to select and use built-in stitches. Another good thing about the two sergers is their super speed. They can create a surprising 1,300 stitches per minute, allowing you to increase your daily output. Other shared features found in these machines include 3 or 4 threads, two standard needles offering super-fine stitches even while handling thick fabrics like denim.

Brother has always maintained its customer support, and for this reason, has amassed a large user population. Brother offers 24/7 free phone support for customers regardless of the model you are using, be it 1034D or 1034DX. They also include a 25-year limited warranty. Most importantly, these machines maintain a clear record of durability, reliability, and high-performance results.

The difference between the two sergers may not seem too big, but has a significant effect on how easy to use either machine can be. Let’s start with Brother 1034D. The controls for differential feed and the stitch length are located on the left side. On the other hand, Brother 1034DX has these controls placed on the right-hand side. For this reason, left-handed users will be inclined to Brother 1034D while the right-handed opt for the 1034DX.

Another notable difference is the lighting system. While 1034DX uses brighter LED light, its counterpart features an incandescent bulb. On the aspect of brightness, many tend to choose 1034DX. Additionally, though slight, there is a difference in the stitch length.  While Brother 1034D produces a stitch length of between 2 to 4mm, 103DX has an additional 1to 2mm adjustable overlock stitch and a 1mm roll stitch.

Brother 1034D Vs 1034DX – FAQs

Q: Which one between Brother 1034D and 1034DX has good cover stitch capabilities?

 Even though the two models fall in the list of the best sergers available in the market, they do not come with cover stitch capabilities.

Q: Which one between these two models is suitable for left-handed users? 

The two models vary in terms of the location of the controls. Brother 1034D has its dials placed on the left, making it the best choice for left-handed users.

Q: Which one between the two sergers has an easier-to-use differential feed?

Depending on your hand, any of the machines pose no challenge as far as differential feed adjustment is concerned.

Brother 1034D Vs 1034DX – Final Verdict

Anytime you compare two machines, it is good to understand that the one that offers you more comfort, efficiency and flexibility when operating takes the throne. Brother 1034D and 1034DX have both proved beyond reasonable doubt that they are both true sergers. Delivering high-quality stitches under a remarkable speed of 1,300 stitches per minute, they can surely see your project done within a short time, and do not forget that the results are professional.

Both machines cut across in terms of their usability. From beginners, intermediate to professional sewers, they are the market available excellent serger sewing machines. Considering the position of the controls, you will go for Brother 1034D if you are left-handed. Otherwise, most right-handed users will automatically pick Brother 1034DX.

If you are under a budget-tight schedule, Brother 1034D comes with a fair price that you can easily afford without spending a fortune but will take time for a right-handed person to adapt. It is a bit of luck for the left-handed. However, if you are right-handed and need to get started quickly, you will add about $100 to acquire your match, the Brother 1034DX.

We have spent countless hours researching and coming up with this Brother 1034D Vs 1034DX. Hopefully it helps you make an informed buying decision.